Let Your Blog Bloom By Answering These 5 Questions

March 12, 2014

Having a blog is now pretty much standard fare for business content marketing. Most companies and organizations have blogs. But only some of them update it. And then only a portion of those actually does it well. As a professional blogger, I've seen it all: the ultra-serious finance blog, the light-hearted lifestyle blog, humour blogs, review blogs, health blogs, news blogs... pretty much...

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Social media swirl

The Social Media Channels – Post What, To Who, To Where, and Why?

February 24, 2014

Everyone tells you your small or medium sized business MUST be on the social media channels. There are a growing numbers of channels, each of them becoming increasingly important in its own way. So you've signed up for the four best-known social media channels: Facebook. Twitter. Google+. LinkedIn. You've written (or had someone else write) a blog post, and now it should be posted on...

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Exude Passion with an Active Writing Voice

February 21, 2014

It's no secret that content is key when marketing yourself online—and not just any content, either. Website owners, for better or worse, need to create genuinely good writing that potential customers will actually want to read. But it's not enough to have good ideas; you're far more likely to find success if your writing is technically strong. The lack of active voice in writing is one of the...

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Google's Long History of Forcing You To Use G+

January 23, 2014

When Google+ was launched with much fanfare in 2011, the social media world was abuzz with praise and high expectations. Tech Crunch called it "social, bold, fun and looking good". Early reviews praised the functions and circle features, but had issues with the lack of activity (which was probably just because Google rolled out Google+ only to a select few at first). Most reviewers thought it...

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Kick-Start Your Digital Marketing In 2014

January 20, 2014

                    Whether you're a digital veteran or an online newbie, every business nowadays needs to have some kind of digital strategy (if you don't have one yet, consult our article on why you need a digital strategy). Every year, it becomes increasingly clear that if your potential clients cannot find you online, you might as well not exist. How do you ensure that you can grow your...

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