CASL checklist and workflow

Confused By CASL? Know Your Next Steps [WORKFLOW]

July 30, 2014

According to a recent CFIB survey, 62% of small businesses have yet to take any steps to comply to CASL. Although this is concerning (we've done a bit of CASL advocacy with our clients, of course), we would like to make it easy for you to figure out whether or not you comply and, if you don't, know what steps to follow to implement CASL in your business. With the help of this workflow, you can...

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5 types of B2B content that work like a charm

5 Types of B2B Content That Work Like A Charm

July 23, 2014

One of the challenges of B2B is finding the right type of content that will interest your audience and get them to consider you as a potential provider of products or services. It's easy to see content from a B2C perspective: consumers like to get helpful information and get to trust a brand before making a purchase. But why should it be any different for B2B? After all, there are still buyers...

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5 facts about millennials every marketer should know

5 Facts About Millennials Every Marketer Should Know

July 16, 2014

The leading edge of the Millennial generation, born in 1980, is turning 34 this year. But don't be fooled by their age; Millennials are actually very different from their 35+ counterparts, especially when it comes to media consumption and technology. Experian's Millennials come of age report highlights the major demographic, psychographic, attitudinal and behavioural trends of this generation....

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5 smart ways to build social proof for marketing

5 Smart Ways To Build Social Proof For Marketing

July 09, 2014

Testimonials are a tried-and-true marketing technique that can help overcome objections and convince people to buy your product or service. They're used everywhere: on TV, in advertorials, even on the web. (We have ours too!) They're especially useful for more expensive products or services, where the investment is significant and potential customers need some reassurance that it will perform as...

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Happy Canada Day!

July 01, 2014

We're off for the day, but we hope you enjoy Canada Day! We'll be back tomorrow with some great content on our blog and social media channels. Enjoy the beautiful weather (if you're in Victoria) and enjoy the festivities! -The Stikky Media team

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