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Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Stikky Media's team of conversion optimization specialists, designers, and developers work together to audit, strategize, recommend, and execute changes on your website that will increase conversion rates. We increase your ecommerce sales, downloads, inquiries, subscriptions, and more -- without having to increase your traffic.

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Top-Rated Conversion Optimization Agency

A conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors that take a "conversion action" (eg. product purchase, form submission, newsletter subscription, etc.). Put simply, there are two ways to increase sales/conversions on your website: increase total traffic, and/or increase conversion rates. Usually, it's important to optimize conversion rates before investing in driving more traffic. There are countless tweaks that can be done to your website to increase conversion rates, such as: improving navigation, copy, appearance, page load times, social proof, and much more. Properly applied conversion optimization strategies consistently convert more traffic into form fills, leads, and sales, resulting in a positive impact on profitability.

Your website is like a salesperson. Invest in it to see results.

Conversion Audit + Strategy

We take the time to learn about your business, brand, industry, customers, and goals. We establish conversion goals and create a baseline report based on existing analytics as a benchmark for progress. Our conversion optimization specialists scour your website and sales funnels, noting down all visible opportunities for conversion rate optimization. Using advanced software, we analyze your website's performance to identify all technical issues/opportunities for improvement. Our findings are concisely presented to you in an easy-to-read document.

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Copywriting & Design

Often the biggest conversion rate improvements come from simple adjustments to copy and design. Professionally written copy can make all the difference in persuading visitors to become customers. From the homepage title to the product descriptions and everything in between, there are always opportunities to come across as more compelling, concise, helpful, and trustworthy. Speaking of trust, you won't see conversions without it! Poor design reduces trust. Our design team ensures your website looks legit.

Performance & UI/UX

Studies show that website conversion rates drop by an average of 4.42% with each additional second of page load time. Our developers have a suite of tools and techniques that will lower your website's load time significantly. Furthermore, confusing site navigation is one of the leading factors of high bounce rates; we simplify and organize your site's navigation following industry best practices, making it easier for prospects to navigate through your sales funnel(s).

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Funnel Optimization

We audit the steps in your existing sales funnels to reduce friction and find leaks where prospects are likely stalling. Depending on your goals, we either make it easier for prospects to enter the top of the funnel, or make it more difficult to qualify prospects and reduce "tire-kickers". We look for opportunities to optimize the lead nurturing process (email/SMS drip campaigns, remarketing ads, content creation, etc.) to maximize the flow of leads to the final conversion stage. Lastly, we optimize the post-purchase funnel to maximize repeat purchases and referrals.

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What You'll Get

Our Top Priorities

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Better User Experience

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What our clients say...

Ray Tuminello
Ray Tuminello
President, Quality Glass Block & Window
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"We’ve been running paid search campaigns for the past couple of years with mixed results. When I hired Stikky to optimize our Google and Bing campaigns our results shot up right away. Within a month we saw a Return on Ad Spend up over 200%!"
Tara Silberberg
Tara Silberberg
CEO, The Clay Pot
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"Jesse and his amazing team helped boost my sales this fall an astonishing amount. My store was ahead 500% in November! They are very reasonably priced and personable. For a small business looking to play with the “big boys” online, this service has been a game changer. Thank you Stikky Media!"
Reza Saffari
Reza Saffari
CEO, Enerex
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“I have worked with Stikky Media for 4 months now and they have delivered on their promises. What I mean is that, they perform an in-depth analysis of your online platforms, website, social media, etc, and formulate a winning strategy. Their team is in constant contact with you which is extremely rare nowadays from suppliers (you’d be luck to get correspondence once a week from anybody else). If you want results, they deliver!“

Why Invest in Conversion Optimization?

Put simply, you are leaving money on the table if your website is not conversion-optimized. If you are investing in other digital marketing activities that involve driving traffic to your website, conversion optimization will increase the ROI of all those activities. It's a rising tide that lifts all boats.

Less quantitative benefits include making your customers happier, more satisfied, and therefore more likely to return or refer their friends. Improving the user experience and performance of your website will also directly improve SEO, resulting in greater organic traffic over time. Conversion Optimization takes time, effort, and the guidance of an experienced technician, but the returns are worth the investment.

In addition to the core services outlined above, our Conversion Optimization services include:

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Why choose Stikky Media?

With over a decade of experience in conversion rate optimization, web development, and digital marketing in general, we know how to optimize a website to maximize business results. Our team is fanatical about delivering measurable results and has a blend of technical, design, writing, and business expertise, making us uniquely suited to help your business succeed online. Our team collaborates to define winning strategies/tactics unique to your business and industry, and shares information that helps your overall digital marketing strategy thrive.

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Conversion Optimization is often bundled with:

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