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Social Media Advertising Agency Services

Stikky Media builds, manages, and optimizes conversion-focused social media ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest for businesses of all sizes. We increase your brand awareness, sales, and ROI while keeping you in the loop with regular reporting & insights.

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Top-Rated Social Media Advertising Agency

Each social network is best-suited for specific audiences. Whoever you are trying to reach, we develop a cross-platform strategy with tailored campaigns to fit your business and goals.

Whether your primary social media goals are to engage with customers locally, grow subscribers around the world, keep your brand top of mind, or increase eCommerce sales, Stikky Media’s experienced social media management team can help you achieve them.

Get your social media working for you

Facebook Ads Management

Facebook Ads are ideal for reaching a highly targeted audience — even down to a specific type of person within a small neighborhood! If your company is growing and your marketing team does not have the time, resources, or experience to consistently manage effective multi-channel social media campaigns, then consider opting for a paid campaign. Stikky Media’s Facebook Ads Management services can save your team hours trying to reach and engage followers organically, and get you the results you need much more quickly.

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Instagram Ads Management

Instagram Ads uses the same extensive targeting tools as Facebook, making it an important component of marketing strategies aimed at younger consumers. Instagram offers a variety of ad formats, including posts, photos, stories, shopping ads, and more. With a potential audience of over 928 million people, find out how Stikky Media’s Instagram Ads Management services can help your business grow!

Twitter Ads Management

Twitter offers several simple ad formats including promoted tweets, promoted accounts, promoted moments, and more. There are no minimum advertising budgets and you only pay when you’ve reached your marketing objective, whether that’s a set number of conversions, downloads, or something else. Twitter’s targeting is robust, using keywords, remarketing, and defined audiences. Especially if your business is within the news, entertainment, technology or political industries, Twitter Ads are an essential addition to your digital marketing strategy.

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LinkedIn Ads Management

LinkedIn is the place to reach professionals and business managers, making it particularly useful for B2B marketing. Whether your goal is to increase awareness and engagement or generate leads, conversions and job applications, a LinkedIn campaign can help you reach your goal. LinkedIn offers a variety of ad formats and professionally-oriented targeting, including audience target attributes like company size, personal skills, and job seniority.

Pinterest Ads Management

Almost 300 million people worldwide use Pinterest as a platform to discover new DIY ideas for projects, inspiration for gifts, and the latest products in a range of industries. Pinterest is a social marketplace where promoting and sharing products is encouraged. Pinterest Ads are especially effective for visually appealing products targeted primarily at women of any age — areas such as food, beauty, clothing, decorating, and more.

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What our clients say...

Ray Tuminello
Ray Tuminello
President, Quality Glass Block & Window
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"We’ve been running paid search campaigns for the past couple of years with mixed results. When I hired Stikky to optimize our Google and Bing campaigns our results shot up right away. Within a month we saw a Return on Ad Spend up over 200%!"
Tara Silberberg
Tara Silberberg
CEO, The Clay Pot
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"Jesse and his amazing team helped boost my sales this fall an astonishing amount. My store was ahead 500% in November! They are very reasonably priced and personable. For a small business looking to play with the “big boys” online, this service has been a game changer. Thank you Stikky Media!"
Reza Saffari
Reza Saffari
CEO, Enerex
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“I have worked with Stikky Media for 4 months now and they have delivered on their promises. What I mean is that, they perform an in-depth analysis of your online platforms, website, social media, etc, and formulate a winning strategy. Their team is in constant contact with you which is extremely rare nowadays from suppliers (you’d be luck to get correspondence once a week from anybody else). If you want results, they deliver!“

Why Invest in Social Media Ads?

These days, people spend a significant part of their free time on social media. Advertising 101: place yourself where the eyeballs are looking. Furthermore, the ad platforms of these large social networks are incredibly advanced, and use algorithms to intelligently place your ads in front of the right people, resulting in lower costs per action taken.

Because social media ads cost less than traditional ads and provide the added benefit of social trust and easy engagement, social media ads provide very high ROI.

With Stikky Media managing your social media ads, you can count on a customized strategy that maximizes results.

In addition to the core services outlined above, our Social Media Advertising services include:

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Why choose Stikky Media to manage & optimize your paid social media ads?

Our Social Media Management team has significant experience working with paid social media campaigns for companies and budgets of all sizes. We can work with your existing marketing team or take the task off their plate and handle your paid social media campaigns for you. Get in touch and let’s get started!

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Paid Social is often bundled with:

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