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Take Advantage of Your BC Recovery Grant With a Premier Web Partner

Stikky Media is partnered with British Columbia’s e-Commerce Grant Program to help local businesses thrive in an online world.

We help:

• Streamline the application process
• Strengthen your website and online presence to attract larger audiences

Apply for Assistance with your Grant Today

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Find out if you qualify for the Covid Relief Benefit

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Apply for the recovery grant with your recovery plan

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Receive your BC Covid Relief recovery funding

Covid Relief Benefit Grant Helping Business Owners in BC
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Hundreds of companies in BC are getting approved for the covid relief benefit anywhere from $10,000 to $45,000 in grants. March 31st is the deadline to apply for this grant, If you need help we are here to guide you through the process.

• Use FREE money without having to pay it back to the Government

• More and more businesess are using their web presence to generate new customers

Have You Already Received Your Grant & Are Not Sure What To Do Next? Check This Out!

Stikky Media has helped hundreds of businessess thrive online through website and marketing help.

Statistics show that Covid is pushing more and more businessess online in order to not only survive the economic downturn, but to thrive in the emerging online world.

Let Stikky show you the steps on how to get there.

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Developing Your Recovery Plan For Covid Relief Funding
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Professional service providers are available to help businesses with the recovery plan as needed

A recovery plan is a list of specific actions your business can take to support continued operation under the “new normal” conditions of COVID-19.

It must be realistic and easy to put in place. It must explain the timeframe for the action to be complete and how much each action will cost.

Here Are a Few Ways You Can Use Your Covid Relief Funding

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Provide new services to your customers

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Modify your physical business location

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Install new outdoor patio with social distancing barriers

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Support your business moving online

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Hire an online agency to help your business

Our team is here and ready to help you through the process!

Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the help you are looking for!

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