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In 2007, Avinash Kaushik wrote the definition for digital analytics as:

Digital analytics is the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from your business and the competition to drive a continual improvement of the online experience that your customers and potential customers have which translates to your desired outcomes (both online and offline).”

The words Avinash Kaushik’s wrote in 2007 ring true today, just as they did in 2007. Despite the many changes that have occurred in the digital marketing world since then, the basic concepts behind digital analyses are still applicable.

The digital analysis basics here are: the customer is at the center of the marketing concept and, a customer can start their purchase journey at any point along their decision path. Also, a marketer’s job is to anticipate where customers will appear and what messages they need to hear.

A marketer's job is to anticipate where customers will appear and what messages they need to hear.

Google Analytics is integral to achieving the last point mentioned above. It is how digital marketing experts learn what customers are saying and how they are behaving.  

Google Analytics is used to collect, analyze, and interpret behavioral data. The derived interpretations are then used to make business decisions regarding what should be done online to understand and connect with customers.

Measure Data with Google Analytics

Businesses need to be looking at both quantitative and qualitative digital data in 2019. This is done by using sophisticated analytical tools, like Google Analytics. Businesses also need to be measuring the outcomes determined with that data and implementing a continuous improvement process.

This may sound like a lot of work, because, well…it is! But, now that the internet has become the first point of contact for all customers (B2C or B2B), understanding your customer’s online behaviors has become critical.

How so? Well, consider the fact that 87% of Canadians made online purchases in 2018. What that statistic means is: almost everyone in Canada is shopping online. Therefore, understanding and utilizing generated data regarding your website is critical for businesses to be successful.

Fortunately, Google Analytics can assist with that. The software tool improves your chances of success by collecting data about your customers from all of your online platforms: websites, mobile applications, and social media. This information makes it plain to see where things are going right, going poorly, and, where adjustments are needed.

Google Analytics for Continuous Improvement

In the Google Analytics course, it concludes that a cyclical approach to improving your digital marketing strategy is very useful. The steps for this approach are: measurement, reporting, analysis, testing, repeat.

Chart on continuous movement in marketing

If your business objectives are solid, the rest should be a breeze (so to speak). You want to be consistently reviewing your measurements and analyzing whether they are in line with achieving the goals you set.

Then, you want to test those metrics to see what to do next. Finally, you should repeat the process and implement any changes that need doing.

Analytics is the Key to Your Bottom-Line

No matter what analytics system you are using, the bottom line is that you should be using one. Your business needs to have an online presence, and you need to have a way of tracking your efforts.

Clearly define your business objectives, then use Google Analytics to test those objectives. Use the digital analytical data to determine if your business’ aim is in line with your customer’s wants and needs. As the picture of customers needs unfolds, adjust your objectives accordingly, and test again.

Learn more about how Google Analytics can benefit your business; request a free conversion optimization audit.

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