Conversion Optimization

Turn visitors into buyers using simple strategies designed to give visitors an experience they enjoy. Data-driven insights help our technicians systematically attract and convert visitors.
I am already noticing that my site appears as one of the first or second listings in the search engines. I am confident that this is going to have a tremendous impact on my business. Julia Cunningham

Owner, Soul Harp

Conversion Optimization Strategies

Is your site confusing to navigate, lackluster in appearance, or considered untrustworthy by visitors? Properly applied conversion optimization strategies consistently convert traffic into form fills, leads, and sales, resulting in a positive impact on profitability.

  • Content for conversion
  • Sales funnel design
  • Customer journey strategy
  • Landing page optimization
  • Website user experience
  • Split testing

The job of Conversion Optimization is to turn visitors into buyers using simple strategies designed to give visitors an experience they enjoy. Data-driven insights help our technicians systematically attract and convert visitors. Conversion Optimization takes time, effort, and the guidance of an experienced technician, but the returns are worth the investment.

Conversion Optimization is directly attached to your bottom line; it helps visitors take calculated actions and affects every aspect of your website. The conversion points for each page are usually different, but that depends on your conversion funnel. Nevertheless, Conversion Optimization improves your website’s desired outcomes.

When you engage in Stikky Media’s Conversion Optimization services, we work to know your business goals and how your website complements those goals. In addition, we will calculate your Return on Investment, which is based on your budget and website performance. Finally using your Audit and A/B testing (in which two versions of your webpage undergo performance comparisons) we will identify any obstacles that could prevent your visitors from accomplishing your desired goals (such as sales).

Types of Analytic Reporting

  1. Goals in Google Analytics refers to tracked actions. These can be clicks, form submissions, downloads, or time spent on a specific page.
  2. E-commerce reporting measures desired goals specific to sales. They are no different than other site metrics and can be configured at the same time.
  3. Paid Search Conversions relate to platforms such as Google AdWords or Bing Ads. Stikky Media will check that conversion tracking is correctly set up and connected to Google Analytics for accurate reporting.
  4. Acquisition Reports measure visits, how your visitors find you, new and returning visitors, and length of stay.
  5. The Behavior Reports list your top landing pages, exit pages, and the series of pages users view throughout their stay. These metrics indicate which pages present significant conversion restrictions and hint as to which elements should be A/B tested.
  6. User Engagement metrics such as bounce rate, average time on site, and average page views are standard measures of user engagement. It hints at how engaging your content is. The longer users stay, the more likely they are to convert customers.

Monthly Conversion Optimization

Sticky Media’s Monthly Optimization services benchmark your current conversion rates and begin A/B testing to improve your conversion rates. When discussing optimization, you will frequently hear the following terminology:

Conversion Funnel – refers to the series of steps you would like users to take to make the ultimate conversion, which is usually a sale or sales lead.

Call-to-Action (CTA) –  is the action you want users to take after reaching a page. It could be a button click, a form fill, or a free download.

A/B Testing –  is an ongoing process of adjustment and testing each element (such as a single web page or a small portion thereof) against a slightly different version of itself. Small changes can have a big increase your conversion rates.

Conversion Rates – are measured and expressed as a percentage and calculated to track improvements. This is a Key Performance Indicators (KPI). The industry standard conversion rate is approximately two percent, but each site is different.

Landing Page – is the first page users see. They are crucial when used with paid ads, because they are the first page users see after they click an ad. Impressions are critical. A website only has a few moments to convert users, so it is essential to optimize your top Landing Pages for conversions. Landing Pages are excellent subjects for A/B Testing.

SEO Copywriting

Website content development is critical to the success of any search engine optimization program. Content development is necessary for scalable long-term site traffic development, by dramatically increasing the value of your web presence by bringing in a measurable ROI (return on investment).

Effective communication techniques establish secure connections with site visitors. How are you going to bring people to your website to build those relationships? If your potential customers can find your business website quickly, you have an infinitely better chance of succeeding. Through website content development we can ensure your site offers high quality and relevant textual content making you an authority in your market.

How Can Stikky Media Help?

Getting your visitors to want to visit your site and want to stay there is difficult. Our technicians aim to have them stay as long as necessary and return as needed. Online sales come when online businesses develop and foster good experiences with their website visitors.

Stikky Media has the tools and expertise to advise you on how to retain new and repeat visitors and how to best funnel site traffic to meet your goals. When a sale is made, or a target of the website is achieved, the online marketing term most often used is “conversion.” Thus, the process of funneling site visitors towards pre-established goals increases the chances of making those visits convert.

Stikky Media’s conversion optimization service can help you convert more site visitors by making your conversion process faster and more straightforward. We assume that you want your customers should feel like essential clients. Stikky Media can help your website manifest that attitude, converting site visitors to long-term clients.

If your potential customers can find your business website quickly, you have an infinitely better chance of succeeding. There is an increasing number of ways to interest website visitors and an almost endless number of ways to combine online marketing tools into a full spectrum digital marketing campaign.

Through website content development we ensure your site offers high quality and relevant textual content. This is a meaningful way to attract visitors guaranteeing that your site is an authority in your market and is seen as such by search engines. Usually, this leads to improved rankings.

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