Ever gone to a foreign country and felt totally overwhelmed by the language barrier? Probably. Now imagine the foreign country is your workplace, and the language is Drupal. I’ve always thought of myself as somewhat of a technologically-savvy person—not in the I’ll-build-you-a-website-from-scratch sense—but if I don’t understand a tech term, I usually recognize it, or gather its definition from context. But Drupal? Not so much. Because Stikky shares an office with northStudio, our sister web...
After almost 3 years of development, Drupal 7 was officially released today. To celebrate this much-anticipated occasion, northStudio and VSBT are having a party! Join us at the Victoria School of Business and Technology on Friday, Jan 7 from 1pm - 3pm for one of our famous BBQ’s (and a Drupal cake, of course). If you’re not in Victoria but still want to get in on the Drupal action, fear not. With 263 parties planned in 90 countries, there’s sure to be one in your area—even if you’re in...
The Gigya Socialize module for the Drupal Content Management System has just been released in BETA. Gigya is a widget distribution network that provides all kinds of useful widgets for Social integration as well as tools for widget developers. Gigya Socialize is a widget developed to allow users to connect, share, and promote via different social media websites. The Gigya Socialize module for Drupal provides an API aggregate authentication and social API's from a number of different Social...
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