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The Gigya Socialize Module for Drupal

The Gigya Socialize module for the Drupal Content Management System has just been released in BETA. Gigya is a widget distribution network that provides all kinds of useful widgets for Social integration as well as tools for widget developers. Gigya Socialize is a widget developed to allow users to connect, share, and promote via different social media websites. The Gigya Socialize module for Drupal provides an API aggregate authentication and social API’s from a number of different Social Media platforms. This module will soon be standard for socialized Drupal websites as it is simple and has a great deal of configuration options.

Gigya Socialize provides an API that aggregates authentication and social API’s from Facebook Connect, MySpace ID, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, and AOL. The widget allows you to authenticate users via Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or other OpenID provider. Users can post status updates to the newsfeeds of their Social Networks and share with their friends. Gigya Socialize will even pull data from Social Networks and other platforms and allows users to interact with friends on your site.With the release of the Gigya Socialize module for Drupal you can add all of these features to your CMS.

Gigya Social Module for Drupal is fully configurable and requires little set up time. The module does require some extra set up so be sure to read the installation section of the documentation to walk you through it. Gigya Socialize is dependent on the Popups API and you must have a Gigya Socialize account. You will also want to install the Trigger module as added functionality will be available.

This module will certainly be a great starting block for those wanting to add Social Networking aspects to their website as well as those building full Social Networking applications. Gigya Socialize will help increase user site registrations, increase traffic, and create a more user-targeted experience. With increased user and increased user interaction Drupal developers will be able to build a community around their site. Having an active user base is invaluable and should be the goal of any website that wishes to be more than a brochure site.