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10 Reasons People Prefer Facebook To Twitter

Here at Stikky we like to use any kind of Social Media tool we can get our hands on and we encourage our clients and friends to do so as well. But we have run in to a lot of people comparing the two heaviest hitters in the game right now. Here is our list of the “10 Reasons People Prefer Facebook to Twitter”.

1. Revenue Streams

Facebook has proven that they are here to stay with the use of real revenue streams. Twitter, to date, has no way of producing money. A company that doesn’t turn a profit is risky to say the least. Facebook is clearly making use of it’s model and this shows users that there will still be a Facebook for years to come.

2. Content (Inline Media)

Rather than just posting links, like on Twitter, Facebook allows you to post real content to your profile. The ability to post links with a picture attached, photos with all friends tagged and videos with previews are just some of the ways that make viewing shared content on Facebook easier and more interesting to user.

3. Localized

While Twitter can help put you in touch with like-minded people around the entire planet, most marketing organizations have specific targetted regions.

4. Games

Wasting time on Facebook is much more enjoyable than it is on Twitter. FB has a number of games that can help you attract new friends that share your interests.

5. Better API

Facebook has a better API, this means more developers, which means more apps, which means a better experience for all involved.

6. Collaboration

The ability to share and collaborate on Facebook is far more advanced and user friendly than the 140 characters you can post on Twitter.

7. Access Control

The different levels of access you can allow your friends to have gives FB users a clear advantage over the one-way following system of Twitter.

8. Friending Over Following

Facebook is much better for you ego. Following people on Twitter doesn’t guarantee you a true answer as to whether this person wishes to be affiliated with you. If someone doesn’t accept your friend request on FB, then you know you’re getting the shaft.

9. Blackmail

Tagging your friends in embarrassing pictures can be a good source of income.

10. True Rants

How can you rant in 140 characters? Facebook allows you to let it all out.

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