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Top 12 Google Doodles (2009 Version)

Over the years Google has come up with some pretty creative logos. They refer to these temporary rebrandings of their logo as Google Doodles. Today’s Google Doodle of the cookie monster inspired me to make a list of the Top 12 Google Doodles. You can visit the Google Logos page to see all of them. The current Google logo was re-created in 1999 and has been going strong ever since. To spice it up a little Google has released holiday logos from time to time called doodles that keep the Google brand but add a little something to keep it interesting. Below is my list of The Top 12 Google Doodles from over the last 12 years, with one chosen from each year. Post your comments if you agree/disagree with the selections.

Honorable Mention – November 5, 2009

cookie monster google doodle

12. Dr. Seuss – 2009

Appeared on: March 02, 2009

Title: Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Courtesy of Dr. Seuss Enterprises

dr. seuss google doodle

11. Haloween – 2008

Appeared on: October 31, 2008

Title: Happy Halloween! Doodle designed by Wes Craven – (US)

halloween 2008 google doodle

10. Earth Day – 2007

Appeared on: April 22, 2007

Title: Earth Day – (Global)

earth day 2007 google doodle

9. Snowboarding, Torino Olympic Games – 2006

Appeared on: February 13, 2006

Title: 2006 Torino Olympic Games – Snowboarding – (Global)

snowboarding google doodle

8. Leonardo Da Vinci – 2005

Appeared on: April 15, 2005

Title: Leonardo Da Vinci’s Birthday – (Global)

da vinci google doodle

7. Ray Charles – 2004

Appeared on: September 23, 2004 Title: Ray Charles’ Birthday – (Global)

ray charles google doodle

6. Flight – 2003

Appeared on: December 17, 2003 Title: 100th Anniversary of Flight – (Global)

flight google doodle

5. Dragon Boat Festival – 2002

Appeared on: June 15, 2002 Title: Dragon Boat Festival – (China)

dragon boat google doodle

4. Monet – 2001

Appeared on: November 14, 2001 Title: Claude Monet’s Birthday – (Global)

monet google doodle

3. Groundhog Day – 2000

Appeared on: February 02, 2000 Title: Groundhog Day – (US)

groundhog day google doodle

2. Christmas – 1999

Appeared on: December 25, 1999 Title: Season’s Greetings with a Google Doodle – (Global)

christmas google doodle

1. Burning Man – 1998

Appeared on: August 30, 1998 Title: Burning Man festival – (Global)

google burning man

Hope you enjoyed the countdown of The Top 12 Google Doodles collected over the years. It’s been fun to see the evolution of the Google Doodle as it has grown in popularity over the years. From the first burning man doodle that was used to signify that Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page would be away at the Burning Man Festival in case their servers crashed to today’s cookie monster there have been some great plays on the Google logo.