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Super Bowl XLV Social Media Helps Newbies Understand Football, Fit in at Parties

I have a confession: Superbowl XLV is 3 days away and I don’t know which teams are playing. I didn’t know last year either, but I attempted to hide my indifference by bringing a hideous football cake to the party. Unfortunately, it was so over-iced and under-baked that only one person tried it. So instead of passing myself off as a quiet fan with amazing baking skills, I became “the girl who brought the cake.

And I still never figured out who was playing.

- Stikky Media

This year, things will be different. For the real fans, Super Bowl XLV is in Texas (I Googled it). But for me, it’s on the internet. Everyone from advertisers to players to fans are jumping on the social media football wagon so I, and others like me, can study before the party and not embarrass ourselves.

Okay, so they are probably not on social media networks solely for my benefit, but whether you’re a seasoned fan (like those four guys who’ve been to every Super Bowl) or someone who spends the entire game wondering how the mascot cleans his costume, social media is a great way to keep on top of what’s happening.

Here’s a little guide to help you navigate/cram for Super Bowl XLV, social media style.

One-Stop Tweet-Shop

The NFL joined forces with Twitter and VISA to bring you a site that shows tweets from players, media/celebs and NFL personnel. Trending topics are broken down into a football chart (think pie chart, but with a football field) where users can view tweets by region and pick players to follow.

If that’s too fancy for you, you can always follow teams or players individually:

Pittsburgh Steelers

Twitter: @steelers

Troy Polamalu (the Head & Shoulders guy) @tpolamalu
Lawrence Timmons @lawrencetimmons
Hines Ward @mvp86hinesward
David Johnson @dj_85

Green Bay Packers

Twitter: @packers
Facebook: /packers

Jermichael Finley @jermichaelF88
Greg Jennings @gregjennings
Nick Barnett @NickBarnett
Michael Neal @mneal96

Super Bowl advertisers are also taking advantage of social media, so be sure to check out Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Kia Volkswagon and Budweiser.

All of these are very wonderful social media links, but let’s be truthful—they’re completely useless if you don’t understand football. To avoid party failure, check out the official NFL rules for info on football basics and signals. If you’re especially worried, you can always bring cookies, which are delicious even when undercooked.