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Buyer Personas – You Need Them

Imagine this: you are the owner of a company with an amazing product you are passionate about. You just got it selling in 3 major stores as well as selling the product on your website. It’s doing well but how do you maintain this growth and differentiate yourself from your competition?

The answer is to engage your customers in your brand and inspire them to purchase it. People are becoming more and more fluent in social media and blogging—your company needs to be aware of this and take advantage of the different online mediums to reach your target audience. And not only do you want to reach them, but even better, you want to connect with them.

Connect and engage with your customer

Dr. Seuss says “A person’s a person” because after all, we are humans and emotions are what drives our decisions. A consistent story will ensure the company’s true personality shines through. After you have cemented who the company is you need to cement who your purchasers are. The best starting point is to create your buyer personas.

What is a buyer’s persona you ask?

A buyer persona is a profile of the type of person who is interested in purchasing your product or service. You may have more than one buyer persona so you need to make sure you are connecting with them all effectively.

The buyer persona will help you to focus and identify personality traits and behavioural information to ensure the story you want to tell will resonate.  To get started on creating your buyer personas you can:

  • Interview current customers
  • Poll your followers through your various social media channels to learn both the behaviours and demographic of the people who already take interest in your brand
  • Draw on existing knowledge of your customers.

Persona outline example (from Stikky Media and Q College)

The main goal is to maintain clarity throughout all of your branding including blogging, social media, clothing, and any other messaging/swag your company might have or need. By knowing your customer, you can speak to them and inspire them to purchase your brand. Check out this handy buyer persona template with examples.

Now go get started on your buyer personas!

If you need help creating buyer personas or any other aspect of digital marketing ranging from SEO through paid search, we’re here to help. Contact us today.

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