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Moloney Painting

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Moloney Painting is a Victoria based painting company that has been serving homes and businesses since 1991. They approached Stikky Media in the spring of 2019 with a fundamental problem many small businesses have – a lack of leads. Heading into their busy season they wanted to grow both their residential and commercial clients quickly and engaged with us to setup and manage their paid search ads with a focus on exterior painting.

What We Did

We ran a geo-targeted paid search campaign on Google, targeting Victoria area businesses. In addition to seeing success right away, we saw month over month growth throughout the spring with a very successful summer campaign that saw significant drops in CPC along with an increase in users, click through rate and inbound inquiries.

Beyond PPC: Taking A Holistic Approach to Digital Marketing

While the paid search campaign was successful, this client understood their digital marketing efforts would be amplified by reaching their audience across our other services. In addition to continuing to run their paid ad campaigns they have opted for additional services to include monthly newsletters, blogs, social media and SEO. We are proud to say we have seen growth Moloney Painting’s brand across the board, helping to grow their client list and affirm their brand as being among the best Victoria painting companies.



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