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Stikky Media offers a range of social media marketing services that includes establishing and growing your presence on the major platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Whether your primary social media goals are to engage with your customers locally in Calgary, grow subscribers around the world, showcase success, provide better customer service, learn more about your customers’ pain points, keep your brand top of mind or increase sales, our experienced team can help you achieve them.

As a highly experienced Social Media marketing agency, we have a pulse on greater current trends as well as an innate understanding of your Calgary community so whether you’re trying to reach the broad or local audience, we deliver highly engaging and creative social media content that works.

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By Hiring the Best Social Media Marketing Company in Calgary

Social Media Account Setup

Your social media presence should convey your brand and business values with every post. As a business, your social media accounts need to reflect your business and elicit the response you are looking for. This starts with which social media platforms you choose to publish on and continues with how you set up your accounts. We are experts at setting up your accounts to be professional, stimulating and effective.

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Social Media Marketing Plan

We have a complete understanding of the top platforms and can guide your strategy to use them to your advantage. Each social network is suited to a specific audience. For example, LinkedIn is your best bet for B2B social media marketing. Younger audiences prefer Instagram. Twitter is great for building a community and staying informed on what your customers are talking about – it’s even good for customer service! Whoever you are trying to reach, we develop tailored strategies to fit your business and goals.

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Content Creation

At Stikky we create fresh and exciting content that leverages your existing brand equity while helping you target and reach new customers. We go beyond engagement and really get to know your customers and prospects and what makes them want to read and share your social media posts. Our writers are expert at finding the best and most relevant hashtags so your posts are easily found and shared.

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Facebook Ads Management

Facebook ads are ideal for reaching a highly targeted audience — even down to the neighborhood! If your company is growing and your marketing team does not have the time or resources to consistently post and orchestrate a full and productive social media campaign, then consider opting for a paid campaign. This will save your team hours trying to gain and reach followers organically.

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Instagram Ads Management

Instagram Ads uses the same extensive targeting tools as their parent company, FaceBook, making it an important component of a marketing strategy to reach a younger demographic. Instagram offers a variety of ad formats including posts, photos, stories, shopping ads and more. Each type of ad targets a specific type of business and the call-to-action options reflect this. With a potential audience of over 928 million people, what are you waiting for?

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Twitter Ads Management

Twitter offers several simple ad formats such as promoted tweets, promoted accounts, promoted moments and more. There are no minimum advertising budgets and you only pay when you’ve reached your marketing objective, whether that is conversions or downloads or something else. Twitter’s targeting is robust, using keywords, remarketing and defined audiences. Especially if your business is within the news, entertainment, technology or political industries, Twitter can be an important addition to your marketing strategy.

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  • A customized social media strategy tailored to your audience
  • A vibrant social media presence on the  best networks for your goals
  • The best and most relevant hashtags
  • Engaging posts that viewers readily share
  • Increased ROI from social media paid campaigns


Building audiences and engagement

Measuring and reporting of social media performance

Online brand and business reputation management



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