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Own or work for a Washington DC ecommerce or local business and want to increase your online leads in the quickest possible time? Or, is your business already well-established and you want to reach new heights?

Stikky Media can get you there faster than any other PPC agency in Washington DC.

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, such as Google AdWords, Amazon PPC or Bing Ads, are indispensable in any online marketing plan to stimulate quick growth. PPC drives an influx of traffic to your website and at the same time provides data that can be used for continual improvement. As a top PPC company, with years of experience running various PPC campaigns, Stikky Media offers PPC management services that will rocket your online sales to the next level.

Effective campaign budgeting, increased amount of targeted leads, constant growth of business online — Stikky Media’s top-rated PPC services result in higher ROI for your Washington DC business. With Stikky, there are no long term contracts as we work month to month. We prove ourselves to you each and every month. Consultations are always free.

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Google Search Ads

Google search ads are indispensable in any online marketing campaign, allowing you to take advantage of Google’s massive presence in the online world. With Google’s search ads you can precisely manage your campaign structure, budget and targeting to provide a quick boost for your products or services at a reasonable cost. The sophisticated measurement tools provide data for ad improvement and to accurately assess your ROI.

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Google Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads offer huge exposure for your ecommerce products whether your business is big or small. The Shopping Ad format displays relevant product information such as price, inventory status, even curb-side pick-up options if relevant and it also includes an image. The format is highly effective at increasing conversions providing a great ROI since you only pay when an ad is clicked.

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Google Remarketing Ads

Google Remarketing Ads are shown on the Google Display Network to people who have already visited or interacted with your website. You can target specific demographics and Display Network locations. Also called retargeting, they act as a brand reminder to potential customers, encouraging them to visit again. They are great for brand exposure and with their high click-through rates they increase conversions and ROI.

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Google Display Ads

These are the ads that show up on blogs or YouTube. Because these ads are visual, your brand can really shine, helping to keep you top-of-mind. The Google Display network covers about 90% of Internet traffic. To make sure your ads are only shown to relevant audiences, we use layered targeting parameters. All the impressions and clicks you receive are potential customers and not wasted money.

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Bing Ads

Bing search ads are similar to Google search ads, but with less competition and cheaper cost-per-clicks (CPC). There are a few other advantages as well, such as more granular control allowing for quick pivoting, better targeting and better extensions. Almost 20% of searches are done on Bing. With all the advantages of advertising on Bing, it is worth incorporating into a digital marketing strategy.

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Amazon PPC

Tap into Amazon’s extensive and diverse marketplace with Amazon Ads management. With our Amazon PPC services we will make sure your products are visible in Amazon’s competitive marketplace and will drive traffic to your product pages, leading to more sales. We set up, monitor, and optimize Amazon sponsored ads to reach your targeted audiences and bring you sales quickly so you see a stronger ROI.

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All Our Efforts Resulting In

  • Campaigns designed for your specific business goals
  • Highly relevant traffic to your desired landing pages
  • Increased visibility for your products or services
  • Quick boost in the number of sales or leads
  • Better brand awareness to target customers
  • No BS detailed performance report


Strategic Budgeting

Relevant Targeting

Conversion Optimization

Analyzing & Reporting



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Google Partners are the leading companies trusted by Google with demonstrated Google Ads skill and expertise. They follow Google’s best practices, experienced in working with high spending campaigns and meet additional performance requirements. Being a certified Google Partner we ensure sustainable revenue growth for our clients and highest ROI from the campaign.