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Having a strong online presence is essential these days for any business that’s aiming for rapid and sustainable growth. This is true whether you are simply promoting your brand locally in Columbus, or if you would like to increase your sales and expand beyond Columbus into new markets. 2020 saw retail businesses of all sizes turn to the online world just to stay afloat. Many did much more than just stay solvent; they grew… and they grew exponentially!

What’s their secret? Excellent products and services, of course — but also an effective digital marketing plan. Digital marketing covers a wide range of bases, the general areas including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing and Google digital marketing such as Ads and display campaigns. Each of these areas can be implemented strategically, depending on your goals and circumstances. For example, if your goal is to market to your fellow residents of Columbus there are a number of local SEO measures that will make sure you are top of mind in Columbus.

Stikky Media’s top-rated digital marketing consultants with years of experience provide highly effective digital marketing services with the best ROI. For a practical and revenue-generating digital marketing strategy, where all the components are working towards your goals, partner with Stikky — your online marketing agency that understands digital marketing inside out.

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Result-Driven and Effective Digital Marketing Company in Columbus

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine algorithms use an array of on-page components to index and rank a site. A site that ranks well, will be displayed more often on search results for relevant search queries. From keywords to metadata to links, these are the sorts of things search engines understand, and these are the things Stikky Media will perfect so your business is displayed more often, in a top position on search results.

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Google Ads Management

Google Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, such as Google Search Ads, Shopping Ads, Remarketing or Display Ads, are indispensable in any online marketing plan to stimulate quick growth. PPC drives an influx of traffic to your website and at the same time provides data that can be used for continual improvement. With years of experience running Google PPC campaigns, Stikky Media’s PPC management services will rocket your online sales to the next level.

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Amazon PPC Management

Stikky Media will set up, monitor, and optimize Amazon sponsored ads for your products to reach your targeted audiences and bring you sales quickly. The goodness doesn't stop there though! With a higher sales velocity, your Amazon rankings will increase which in turn provides more organic visibility which leads to more sales and on it goes. Want to grow on the Amazon marketplace? Hire the best Amazon ad agency - Stikky Media.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

The ultimate conversion of a sale or a lead is made up of many micro conversions. Stikky Media will do an industry-grade SEO audit and set up specific goals at key points along the customer's journey to pinpoint any bottlenecks that are hindering the BIG conversions. Whether the problem is with your CTA's, navigation or checkout process, for example, we'll find it and will fix it. Our solutions are based on data and that's why they work all the time.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing — blogs, newsletters or social media campaigns — is extremely effective at increasing visibility, and building your customer base, brand and authority. The best content marketing strategy uses multiple platforms to distribute content to target audiences and strategically incorporates relevant keywords to make sure you reach the right people. Done right, content marketing is an important aspect of any marketing plan and provides a great Return on Investment.

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Social Media Marketing

Stikky Media offers a range of social media services that includes establishing and growing your presence on the major platforms. These include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Whether your primary social media goals are to engage with your customers, grow subscribers, showcase success, provide better customer service, learn more about your customers’ pain points, keep your brand top of mind or increase sales, our top notch social media team can help you achieve them.

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  • A comprehensive digital marketing strategy to fulfill your goals
  • A fully SEO-optimized website that Google will love
  • Quick boost in the number of sales or leads
  • High-performing Google and/or Amazon PPC campaigns
  • Higher amount of relevant traffic to targeted landing pages
  • Increased web presence for your brand
  • Highly effective conversion funnels on your website
  • High-quality SEO-friendly content promoting your business


Increasing web visibility

Generating quick leads

Setting up smart sales funnels

Building audiences and engagement



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Google Partners are the leading companies trusted by Google with demonstrated Google Ads skill and expertise. They follow Google’s best practices, experienced in working with high spending campaigns and meet additional performance requirements. Being a certified Google Partner we ensure sustainable revenue growth for our clients and highest ROI from the campaign.

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