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Take advantage of the numerous benefits of selling your products on Amazon for your Houston business. Amazon’s reputation inspires trust and loyalty to the platform, and this translates into quality traffic, not hesitant to spend money. Just imagine having access to Amazon’s extensive and diverse customer base, and what that could do for your bottom line. Whether you are a small start up in Houston or a large established company, your distribution channels will be broadened beyond the local Houston scene and diversified, and that can only be good! With an expansion of your customer base, you’ll make more sales. It is as simple as that!

As a top-rated Amazon PPC agency, Stikky Media’s Amazon Ads consultants are experts at Amazon Ads management. Our suite of Amazon advertising services, including managing, and optimizing Amazon PPC campaigns, will immediately generate sales and ROI. We also set up, manage and optimize your Amazon seller’s account and listings for the best results.

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Amazon Account Setup and Sponsored Ads Management In Houston

Product Positioning & Keyword Research

Our years of experience as one of the best Amazon marketing agencies gives you the edge to beat out the competition. You probably know this - if you don’t use the right keywords you won’t be found to the right customers. It is as simple as that. We do an extensive research and find the terms people are actually using to search products. We also check out what the competition is using to reach their target audience. Armed with research, we can position your products so you come out on top.

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Product Listing and Optimization

Drive traffic and increase conversions with properly set up and optimized product listings . If you’re not visible, you won't sell any products. As a professional Amazon advertising agency, we make sure your product listings contain all the essential features and copy optimized with keywords that speak to Amazon’s search algorithms. Result is, your product shows up in Amazon’s search results more often and that leads to more sales.

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Amazon PPC Ads Management

Stikky Media will set up, monitor, and optimize Amazon sponsored ads for your products to reach your targeted audiences and bring you sales quickly. The goodness doesn't stop there though! With a higher sales velocity, your Amazon rankings will increase which in turn provides more organic visibility which leads to more sales and on it goes. Want to grow on the Amazon marketplace? Fill out the form below and hire the expertise of the best Amazon ad agency - Stikky Media.

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  • Increased sales
  • Increased visibility for your products
  • High-converting keywords
  • High-performing Amazon PPC campaigns
  • Effective use of PPC to drive traffic to your products
  • Segmented Amazon advertising campaigns


Better budgeting

Targeted traffic

More sales



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