5 smart ways to build social proof for marketing

5 Smart Ways To Build Social Proof For Marketing

July 09, 2014

Testimonials are a tried-and-true marketing technique that can help overcome objections and convince people to buy your product or service. They're used everywhere: on TV, in advertorials, even on the web. (We have ours too!) They're especially useful for more expensive products or services, where the investment is significant and potential customers need some reassurance that it will perform as...

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Happy Canada Day!

July 01, 2014

We're off for the day, but we hope you enjoy Canada Day! We'll be back tomorrow with some great content on our blog and social media channels. Enjoy the beautiful weather (if you're in Victoria) and enjoy the festivities! -The Stikky Media team

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Stikky reading list Friday June 27 2014

Your Friday Reading List: Search Engine Traffic Numbers, Email Marketing, Google Authorship

June 27, 2014

It's Friday again! Yay! And Canada Day is coming up next week, so I imagine that many of you have an extra-long weekend ahead.  But an extra-long weekend is no reason to slack on our reading. As usual, I found 5 interesting pieces this week to keep you learning and investigating for just a bit more before you enjoy the official beginning of summertime. First, it seems that there is a definite...

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6 must-haves of successful blogs

6 Must-Haves Of Successful Blogs

June 26, 2014

When you compare the number of successful blogs against the total number of blogs that exist on the internet, you'll notice that the ratio is very, very small. Only a fraction of blogs build an audience of more than a few hundred, and only a few rare ones get subscriptions of 100K+. The blogging world gets increasingly competitive every day as individuals, the media, businesses, governments, and...

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Intriguing results from 3 content idea generators

Intriguing Results From 3 Content Idea Generators

June 25, 2014

I don't know a blog writer who doesn't go through writer's block sometimes. Yet to keep your website fresh and current, you need to keep updating your blog with interesting content that keeps your visitors coming back for more. So what do we do when we're really, really out of ideas and still need to write blog posts? Fortunately, there are content generators we can use to get our brains...

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