Stikky’s Top Viral Videos of 2011

With the year coming to a close, it’s time to reflect on hopes, dreams, kittens and all you’ve accomplished during the past 12 months. Put down your work, close Facebook, turn off your iPhone and take a moment to truly appreciate the awesomeness that was 2011.

But leave your computer on, because that’s where the awesomeness is.

I’m talking about viral videos. This year we were blessed with an especially delicious crop—we laughed, we laughed until we cried, and we learned about badgers. We also hoped to cure the rampant 100-day cough with medicinal laughter, but that failed. Oh well.

Here are Stikky’s favourite viral videos of 2011. Enjoy!

eHarmony Cat Lady

Most people go on eHarmony to find love, but this lady has already found it. In cats. Cats on rainbows, cat in baskets, cats with bowties. This video is obviously fake—if she REALLY loved cats her shirt would be covered in fur and there’d be a framed kitty cross-stitch in the background, but I’m pretty sure the real “Debbie” is at least 5% cat lady. If you listen closely in the first second, you’ll hear a kitty mewing in the background. Hmm.

Honey Badger

He’s no David Attenborough, but Randall does a fine job of teaching the world about the fearless honey badger. And the funny thing? I needed to know more, so I Wikipedia-d the heck out of honey badgers and became an expert. Really, ask me anything.

Homeless Man with the Golden Voice

What this guy said is true: Radio announcers look nothing like they sound. Ted Williams was 53 and homeless when a reporter from the Columbus Dispatch posted this video online. It catapulted Williams into the global spotlight and after a couple of stints in rehab, he’s now the official voice of Boston’s New England Cable News.

Webcam 101 for Seniors

This old couple is cuter than puppies, kittens and human babies (but not bunnies). Their cluelessness, their love for each other—sigh. When I’m old with forehead wrinkles, I hope I’m this fun.

Girl Falls into Mall Fountain While Texting

The only thing funnier than watching this lady text her way into a fountain is watching her try to explain why it happened: “I thought I had a long distance. I didn’t. My boot hit the edge of the fountain and I fell over. I couldn’t see anything that I could grab, so I just went forward. The next thing I know I’m just seeing pennies and coins in front of my face. And I’m in the water.” Lady, that’s called falling in a fountain and it’s all your fault. It’s time to start laughing at yourself.

Buck Norris

The epic tale of mountain biker vs. antelope. Evan van der Spuy was happily racing through the bushlands of Kwazulu Natal in South Africa when a 300-pound antelope clotheslined him. Van der Spuy escaped with only a concussion and a mild case of whiplash, so it’s okay to laugh at him.


This kind of reminds me of the “Alan! Alan! Al! Alan!” video from a few years back, only a thousand times better because it’s real. And Fenton? Man, what a great name for a dog. I’m writing that one down.