Copywriting & Content Marketing

Great copywriting is more than a catchy tagline, memorable slogan, or elegant prose. It is your brand and the most direct connection between you and your audience. Blogs, press releases, multi-page websites, and social posts are some of the ways to say it better.
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Website Content

Providing compelling web content that captures the essence of your business is the best way to get noticed.  Don’t use jargon, buzzwords, or sales babble; instead, keep it clear and concise, and it will send the apt message to the right audience. Friendly, easy to navigate content that looks great on the page makes it more likely that it’s favorably indexed on top search engines.

Blog Writing

Blogs and blog posts boost your rankings and add personality and value. It is important to keep your customers engaged and provide a reason for new customers to find you. Write enthusiastically about your products and your industry with original blog posts and the frequency and duration of traffic to your site will increase will increase.

Press Releases

Press releases are a great way to let the world know what’s happening while building inbound links and improving the quality traffic.

Content Marketing

Content is the number one way to share your information, have others share it with you, build relevance with Google, create an audience, and convert visitors into members. In addition to premium content, a great way to get natural and organic links is through the creation and distribution of helpful and educational webinars, infographics, and other visual forms of content. If you can provide readers with content in a format that is consumable and shareable, they will be more likely to engage with it.

How does Google know that your content is good? It gauges the number and quality of inbound links that are pointing to the material from other relevant sites. The more links you have, especially with other high-quality sites; the better your content will rank. Stikky Media develops topics and writes content that reinforces link building and keyword optimization strategies.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to gain a following in your industry and convert readers into customers. An email marketing campaign provides business with a long list of prospective clients that can be contacted with specials, new services, recent company news, and other information. It is one of the most effective direct marketing tools available to increase awareness, keep in touch with your customers, nurture leads, and convert potential customers into buyers.

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