Remember that time when cheating was cool? Oh wait. It never was.

Remember that time when cheating was cool? Oh, wait. It never was.

We recently stumbled across a competitor whose website is using our original content. And not just a few a few words here and there. We’re talking entire blocks of text and bulleted lists.

Our content (and other non-original content–that’s all I’m saying about that) is placed throughout her website. But my favourite part is how she posted some social media statistics and accredited them to USA Today. Why give credit for one copy-and-paste job, but not the others?


Stikky Media and the VIATeC Launch

Stikky Media was out with our sister company, northStudio, Thursday April 29 to celebrate the launch of the new VIATeC website which northStudio built. Another cause for celebration was the launch of the new northStudio site, which also went live the same day. All in all, the event went off without a hitch and we had the opportunity to meet several fantastic people in our local tech community.


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