Victoria’s Best Social Businesses–What They Do Right And What You Can Learn

As a digital marketing professional, I’m lucky to live in one of the most social (media) cities in Canada. Many of our social media influencers were among the first to take up Twitter as a community-building tool, and we have some of the foremost social media professionals this side of the Rockies doing their work in our beautiful city. It might be because social media work is rather flexible and can be done from anywhere; where else but in Victoria would you want to live if you had the chance? (more…)

4 Facebook Lessons From Victoria’s Latest Community Pages

We live in a pretty awesome place. There is the ocean a stone’s throw away, a beach at every corner, the mildest weather in Canada, mountains all around us, the best hiking trails in the world, some of the best food on the West Coast, and many, many other perks. But one thing that only locals know is Victoria’s highly engaged social media crowd.

Our dinner choices are fueled from blogs and UrbanSpoon reviews; our events are plastered all over Facebook and Twitter and are always full; our people use Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and direct messages on Twitter to meet each other for coffee or dinner. Hey, we’ve been named the Canadian Capital of Selfies for a reason! (more…)

Victoria Tall Ships Society 2012: An Afternoon with Mallory Todd

The Mallory Todd is no ordinary ship. Sure, the 65-foot schooner has all the intricacies of a ship—the masts, the sails, the delicious woodsy smell—but her unexpected touches tell you she is much more. There are books housed behind antique stained glass, a hand-cast porcelain fireplace that pays homage to the ship builder’s nephew, and all sorts of hidey-holes for food, flashlights and stories.


How To Lose 17 Tons In One Season: My Orca Spirit Adventure

Having lived in Victoria for 10 years, I sometimes forget how beautiful this city really is. It’s not that I take it for granted, it’s just that it’s easy to get caught up in a daily routine that leaves little time for exploring beyond my local hangouts. And now that I live out in Langford, I only go downtown once a month if I’m lucky, and only when I need something specific, like coconut gelato or a decent haircut.


An Afternoon on the Adventuress – Victoria Tall Ships 2011

Last Friday, Simon and I had the chance to go for an afternoon sail on the Adventuress, a gaff-rigged schooner based out of Port Townsend, Washington. Along with teenagers from all over Vancouver Island, we spent 3 hours sailing near the harbour and participating in environmental activities, which were surprisingly amusing thanks to the awesome crew.


A Day Aboard the Hawaiian Chieftain, Part 2 – Victoria Tall Ships 2011

What defines a tall ship? One crew member explained it (in non-technical terms) as any ship where people climb up and down the mast. But for the Sea Cadets and Navy Leaguers on the Hawaiian Chieftain, tall ships meant rocking seas, gun battles and pirates.

Oh, and scurvy.

As I walked by two Navy Leaguers munching on the provided snack of apples and bananas, I overheard one of them say, “This is so we won’t get scurvy.”


Stikky Media Hops On Board With The Victoria Tall Ships Society

As you’ve probably heard, the Victoria Tall Ships Festival has been postponed for this year due to a lack of funding. But 5 visiting tall ships will still be gracing the Inner Harbour this summer! There are no public engagements planned, but the ships will be participating in the 2011 Summer Educational Outreach Programme, which will give youths amazing opportunities to sail on tall ships.


Social Media Camp – October 3, 2010

Sunday, October 3, was the first ever Social Media Camp here in Victoria, held at the Victoria Conference Centre. Almost 500 people attended and there were some amazing speakers from all over the continent.


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