Even More Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Automate Social Media Posts

Lack of engagement. Robotic presence. Potentially awkward timing. We all know your business can suffer due to excessive auto-posting, but what about your personal life? Ever thought about the consequences of spamming your friends with intimate details that may harm your reputation—both online and off?


Astroturfing: Fake Reviews Aren’t Always Greener

AstroTurf. Once famous for being the Brady Bunch’s lawn of choice, the term now refers to the endless stream of opinion spam that litters websites around the globe.

You know what I’m talking about—those so-called “consumer reviews” that are stuffed with exclamation points, superlatives and robotic phrases like “Great rooms and service! Highly recommended!”

My fake-o-metre is also set off by:


Pepsi’s 20 Million Dollar Social Media Campaign

Pepsi has decided to axe their Super Bowl ad campaign for Super Bowl XLIV in Miami, Florida this year. Instead they are dumping 20 million dollars in to a Social Media Marketing campaign. The move by Pepsi exemplifies the major shift in advertising dollars that we have seen develop over the past year. As corporations large and small continue to pull advertising dollars from traditional markets like television, newspaper, and print, we are seeing these funds relocated to online campaigns that engage customers and allow for advanced statistical tracking. This marks the first year in 23 years that Pepsi has not developed an ad for the Super Bowl.


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