Your 7-Step Guide to Excellent Content

Content this, content that, content here, content there: content is everywhere. I’ve made my argument elsewhere that it’s an important part of your digital strategy, no matter your business size or type. And in order to reach your marketing and sales objectives, your content must be excellent. But I realized something lately: that lots of people don’t really understand what excellent content means, or how to reach that level of quality. The web is clogged with sub-par, badly written, uninteresting, plagiarized and useless content. (more…)

8 Silly Grammar Mistakes That Are Killing Your Blog

The worst piece of writing advice I ever received? Write like you talk.

If you’ve ever eavesdropped on a conversation, you know that our verbal culture is an editor’s worst nightmare. Saturated with rotten grammar, half-baked ideas and a disturbing amount of likes, ums and y’knows, human speech isn’t exactly made for readability.


Textese: Language Vandalism or a Gr8 Way 4 Ppl to Spk 2 Othr Ppl?

Can U Rd Ths? Yes, but I choose not to.

Textese, SMS speak, text speak—call it what you will, but each lazy abbreviation I come across makes my heart cry sad little tears. Abbreviations are tolerable in text messages because I’m very good at deleting and forgetting, but they’re impossible to avoid on the internet.


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