Unless you’ve spent the last few days hanging out in a cave somewhere with nothing but a paperback novel and a stick of beef jerky, you’ve probably been exposed to Google’s “Do a Barrel Roll” gimmick. And you probably know that the amusement only lasts for 4 seconds. So sad.

To help put a smile back on your face, I’ve compiled a list of Google’s other magical tricks. They should keep you entertained for at least 3 minutes, depending on how much time you spend playing YouTube snake. Enjoy!


Search for “tilt” or “askew” and prepare to feel nauseous.


A search for “ASCII art” will reveal a deliciously nerdy Google logo. Savour it.

Once in a Blue Moon

Google "once in a blue moon" and Google will reveal the mathematical value. Also try “number of horns on a unicorn,” “baker’s dozen” and “the loneliest number.” And if you’re a fan of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, type in “the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.”


Google “anagram.” That’s all.


Google “recursion” and you will be blown away by the cleverness of it all. That, or you will have to look up “recursion” in the dictionary.

Legoland Pegman

When checking out Legoland on Google Street View, the yellow pegman is replaced by a little Lego dude.


Check out your Gmail spam folder for tasty Spam recipes like fajitas and primavera. I know this is really old news, but it still amuses me on a daily basis. Why? Because sometimes I’m horrified by the obscene nature of spammy subject lines, and sometimes it takes a good ol’ fashioned canned meat recipe to restore my faith in humanity.


The scene outside Google’s corportate headquarters. Check out 1775 Amphitheatre Parkway in Street View to admire their enthusiastic employees.

YouTube Snake

Open up any video on YouTube (Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose” is ideal) and hold down the left and up arrow keys while it’s playing. Snake!

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