Meet delivers high quality mail order marijuana, referred to as sacrament, across Canada. Their dedication to their customers and aspirations of significant growth in both brand awareness and revenue, they are on a mission to become the largest and most successful mail order medical marijuana company in Canada. With our help, they’re well on the way to being exactly that.


In the fall of 2017, Headz approached us with a myriad of digital sales and marketing issues. After our conversation where we uncovered what they were struggling with, it was clear they needed help across the board. They had a basic existing wordpress website but it had little traction on major search engines and low traffic numbers.

Indeed, there was no tracking set up, which meant they didn’t have good visibility into what their customers were searching for, buying and what would draw them back for more. This was showing up in ecommerce revenue, which was not strong at just $800/month. They were having trouble attracting and retaining customers at a consistent rate.

The Headz team knew this was not sustainable and things had to improve-fast​.

After several productive conversations, we mutually agreed improvements were needed in two areas:

  • Implement a strategy for attracting and engaging members
  • Grow traffic through search and paid advertising along with email marketing
  • Grow ecommerce sales to rastafarians by converting traffic

What We Did

Tracked Visitor Behavior

The first step to measuring success is defining your starting point. Headz had not been tracking any website behavior prior to engaging with us which meant they were flying blind in terms of where visitors were coming from,what pages they were visiting and how long they were staying. To rectify this, we installed Google Analytics in the fall of 2017 to establish a baseline.We then enabled ecommerce tracking to provide specific data around what visitors were buying, what they weren’t and other quantifiable trends that could be useful to the Headz team.

Optimized for Search

Now that we had tracking set up, the next step was to get visitors to the website and convert those visitors into customers through search engine optimization. Our SEO work had two main components: city-specific landing pages and optimized product pages.

Search-Optimized Canadian City Landing Pages

Since Headz delivered their sacrament all across Canada, it was important to expand the brand beyond a local British Columbia audience. We did this by creating over 100 SEO-optimize city landing pages, with one dedicated to major communities in each province across Canada. To attract attention we used bold images representing each community as part of a slider for each city page. We also included any relevant discounts.

Once the pages were set up, optimized with the right metadata andsubmitted to Google, we monitoring Google Search Console for errors andomissions. We made sure Google was able to easily access, index and rankeach page.

Optimized Product Pages for Search

The most important element that contributes to the success of a product page is a well-crafted title and description.
We collaborated with the Headz team to make sure each and every product was showcased elegantly through well-written meta descriptions.
Clear pricing, customer reviews, related products and a call to action to purchase the product made it easy to purchase on their website.
One of the most important aspects of this process was to be sure products could be added and updated with ease by the client. Woocommerce integration from inside WordPress was the ideal solution for this.

Paid Advertising on Bing Setup

Headz was a great candidate for paid search ads, which prompted us to setup a Bing campaign for them.

Engaged Community through Affiliate Program & Product Newsletter

Now that visitors were coming in and being tracked through our efforts, it was time to engage them to keep them coming back and buying. We did this by creating an attractive affiliate program for members offering discounts and commission to members in exchange for promoting Headz products on their own websites.

Of course, we didn’t stop there. Using MailChimp, we designed and launched a twice-weekly newsletter of featured products that went out to both customers and affiliates. This provided a great way to showcase what’s on sale, discounts and the newest products. The objective was to both grow awareness and grow consistent revenue through ecommerce sales. As weexplain in the next section – it worked!


From the growth in website traffic, member engagement, SEO ande-commerce revenue, the outcomes were nothing short of spectacular.

Website Traffic Up Exponentially with Low Bounce Rate

Starting with website traffic, in a very short amount of time we saw rapid increases. New visitors were coming and coming back, and converting into customers. As shown in the graph to the right from December 2017 when tracking was implemented through August 2018 visitors were already viewing 75k page sa month, with consistent month over month increases and improvements in all major web analytics categories. In spite of this incredible increase inactivity, the bounce rate remained low, which is a sign of successfully targeting our audience and keeping their interest.

What was very exciting to see was visitors were not just coming via desktop but also on their mobile and tablet devices. Indeed, the latter two had very impressive click rates and ranking positions on Google, as discussed below.

Impressive SEO CTRs – up to 10.8%

The city-specific landing pages discussed earlier were a rousing success, with the vast majority achieving a first page rank on Google quickly. Headz was truly growing as a brand known to rastafarians all across Canada from British Columbia to the Atlantic provinces.

However, while ranking well is certainly impressive on it’s own, getting people to click is the really powerful outcome to pay attention to. From December 2017 through the end of August 2018, the CTR was anastonishing 7.1% on mobile and 10.8% on tablet!

Even the desktop average of 3.4% is impressive across nearly half a million impressions. Of course, this is a direct reflection of the talent and experience of the Stikky Media team.

8700% Increase in Affiliate Membership

To put the growth rate in context, when Headz engaged with us, they hadjust 69 users. In less than a year, they now have 10,000 engaged users thatread their active newsletter which goes out twice a week. We know they’re engaged by the open and click rate which have been consistently outstanding, another strong indicator of success​.

Paid Search – 14:1 Revenue to Spend Ratio

During a three week stretch in July 2018, DSP traffic (pops and domain redirects) accounted for almost half of the site traffic and was the top traffic source. The ROI was astonishing. For approximately $100 in spend they’ve made approximately $1400 in revenue over 15 transactions. Bing Ads search traffic was more modest, accounting for $270 in revenue for about $250 in spend.

However it’s important to remember that each customer is worth more than a single transaction – i.e. their average lifetime value (LTV). This means each customer should be worth multiple hundreds of dollars with each transaction size being about $100 – the free shipping cut off.

1250% Increase in E-Commerce Revenue Per Month

Last but not least, we we’ll look at e-commerce revenue growth.

Initially, Headz was bringing in less than $1000 per month when theystarted working with us. After less than a year, they’re bringing in six figures monthly, a 1250% increase in revenue / month! In fact the e-commerce numbers are truly eye-popping with a 2.64% conversion rate, and an impressive average order value across more than 4,000 transactions.

With revenue trending up, a growing and engaged community, we couldn’tbe more proud of the results Headz has seen. We certainly can’t wait to seewhat’s next!

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Headz Case Study - Stikky Media
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Headz Case Study - Stikky Media
Learn how Stikky Media helped, grow e-commerce revenue by 1250% in 8 months through SEO, PPC, email, affiliate and other digital marketing tactics.
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