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We’ve talked a lot about fathers this week: we covered daddy bloggers, and Father’s Day campaigns. But I also wanted to give this week a personal touch: it’s our dads we’re celebrating, after all. So went around in the office and on social media asking this question:

What did your dad teach you about business?

Cassandra Price, Q College‘s Director of Education, said:

Take pride in what you do regardless of what it pays. It speaks volumes to who you are as a person.
Be ethical.
Always be on time.

Jackie Evans, one of our Facebook fans, told us:

My parents had 2 family businesses, while my dad also worked for the city full time. What did I learn? No matter how busy or crazy life can be, have fun and don’t worry about anything. Live and love.

Andrew Macklin, a Q College instructor, shared this with us:

Listen to what people say, and hear what is unsaid.

Emery Baldry said:

My father taught me from an early age to always do my best, to exercise initiative, and to take responsibility for my actions.  He also taught me that successful people learn to do what is necessary, whether it is easy for them to accomplish or not.

Here’s a tweet from a Twitter follower, Cathy O’Connor:

Alida Sinkelman, Stikky Media’s Chief Administrative Officer, answered:

Measure twice, cut once!

Stikky Media’s Digital Marketing Manager, Marcus Clayton, said:

Don’t burn bridges.

As for me, my dad taught me this:

Be generous with your expertise, as people are more likely to remember you if you gave them something valuable.

What did your dad teach you about business? Share your father’s business wisdom with us!

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