10 Office Survival Skills We Learned From Watching Scary Movies

You know that saying, "life imitates art"? Don't believe it? Walk into the average business office at 9am on a Monday morning. That's not an episode of The Walking Dead in there; it's just your coworkers.

So before running for the zombie preparedness kit, try running to the nearest Starbucks instead. That being said, just because we're not expecting World War Z any time soon doesn't mean we can't apply practical lessons we have learned from watching our favourite scary movies to our daily lives.


Do You Waste Everyone’s Time At Meetings?

The meeting: the most dreaded work activity that generally wastes everybody’s time and can leave us more confused than clear on what has to be done.

Why not rethink the way you lead your meetings so that everyone comes out of it with the information they need, and much faster than they thought?

Scroll through our slideshare below to learn how.

Share your other effective meetings tips with our readers below!

Confused By CASL? Know Your Next Steps

Note: This article was written in 2014 to respond to Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) that came into effect July 1, 2014 and the difficulty small businesses were having complying.

According to a recent CFIB survey, 62% of small businesses have yet to take any steps to comply to CASL. Although this is concerning (we've done a bit of CASL advocacy with our clients, of course), we would like to make it easy for you to figure out whether or not you comply and, if you don't, know what steps to follow to implement CASL in your business.

With the help of this workflow, you can see what elements of CASL you need to implement for your business.

CASL checklist workflow

Disclaimer: this workflow do not constitute legal advice on CASL compliance. Your lawyer is always your best resource when it comes to compliance to legislation.

Happy Canada Day!

We're off for the day, but we hope you enjoy Canada Day! We'll be back tomorrow with some great content on our blog and social media channels. Enjoy the beautiful weather (if you're in Victoria) and enjoy the festivities!

-The Stikky Media team

Is Your Business Ready for July 1st? A CASL Primer


What is CASL?

On July 1st, 2014, the federal government of Canada will formally launch the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). The CASL is a set of laws designed to protect Canadians from excessive spam,  to determine how predefined online communications practices are to be allowed within Canada, to assign penalties to businesses and individuals who break CASL laws, and to enable Canadians to report spam on the CASL site itself. (more…)

Father’s Week: The Best 2014 Father’s Day Campaigns

Best Father's Day campaigns of 2014

There are Father’s Day campaigns of every style: funny, serious, thankful, touching. Although most of them are about getting Dad a gift, some of them go a bit further. 2014 has plenty of interesting Father’s Day campaigns, so let’s have a look at those we liked the best. (more…)

Father’s Week: Our Favourite Dad Blogs

It's Father's Week at Stikky Media!

Since Father's Day is coming up this weekend, this week the Stikky Media blog is going to celebrate dads on the internet. For our first post of the week, we're going to (you guessed it) share with you some of our favourite daddy bloggers.

Why do dads blog?

Well, why does anybody? But it's interesting to see dad bloggers taking their space in the parenting blogosphere, which is generally skewed towards moms. Parenting is often the work of two, so the other half of the equation should also have a voice.

Dads blog because they also have parenting insights and experiences to share. They may be different from moms', but they are no less important or relevant.

Without further ado, here are our favourite dads on the web.

Our favourite daddy bloggers

Canadian Dad

Chris Read, the Canadian Dad, blogs about the touching moments of his dad life. There's so much to learn from him about how to grow and improve as a parent. He does so with quite a bit of humour (join his grown men scooter gang!) and an obvious glee for everything that brings him back to his own childhood. My favourite thing? His Kids Reviewing Stuff posts. They're just too adorable 🙂

The Daddy Blogger

I met Rick Shetty, the Daddy Blogger, at Social Media Camp last May. This Vancouver-based dad has a widely varied blog with everything from the usual parenting posts to reviews, giveaways and events. Not everything is about parenting, so it's also a nice blog for people interesting in living on the Lower Mainland too.

Life of Dad

Life of Dad isn't a dad blog per se, but rather an online magazine for dad bloggers. There's a community built around it and a variety of content for dads and dad bloggers. I like the variety of voices on this website and how some of the stuff (like recipes) is really useful for everyone, not just dads.

Dadding Full Time

Brian Sorrell writes Dadding Full Time, a blog about emigrating to New Zealand from the US, being a full-time at-home parent, and travel. The tone of the blog is often nostalgic, but always touching. There's some funny stuff too. He's a great storyteller.

Bacon and Juice Boxes

Jerry Turning is a police officer with an autistic son who writes about his experiences on Bacon and Juice Boxes. He doesn't blog very often, but when he does, it's always interesting. I'm glad people are more open about raising autistic children.

Are We Still Cool?

That's the question many parents ask themselves after they've had children. Eric and Laura Corpus co-author this parenting and lifestyle blog from New York City. Their kids are definitely cool, and so are they.

Tales From the Poop Deck

What happens when a Star Trek fan starts a dad blog? Tales From the Poop Deck, authored by Creed Anthony. Read his Captain's Log and laugh along this geeky dad's adventures in parenting.

Did we miss anyone?

There's only so many people we can feature, but if you think we missed anyone important, feel free to share your favourite daddy bloggers in the comments!

Happy Victoria Day from Stikky Media

Today is Victoria Day in Canada, and the unofficial beginning of summer. Here in Victoria (haha), we've had pretty nice weather over the past few days, and we definitely look forward to the dry, sunny summers that delight so many tourists and locals.

As I think of it, Victoria day must be one of the most effective marketing campaigns of all time. First set into law in Canada in 1845 (before Confederation) as a celebration of the Queen's birthday, the Parliament of Canada finally made it a national holiday in 1901, right after her death. Back then, Victoria was considered the "Mother of Conferedation". In 1904, Victoria Day was decreed throughout the British Empire. Interesting fact: Canada is the only country with an official holiday commemorating the 19th century monarch.

Whether it's because we just like long weekends or because English Canada still cares about its imperial past (Quebec has a different holiday), we still remember the Queen more than a hundred years after her death. Year after year, we fill the streets and watch parades, often have our first patio parties of the year, and generally celebrate our British past. The name Victoria has not faded from our cultural consciousness in a century.

If that's not effective marketing, I don't know what is!

5 Best Free Online Photo Editors

Image of a person making art online

Digital media in 2019 is fun! It’s full of images, videos, and other colorful tidbits designed to entice the viewer’s eye. 

With the exponential growth of online platforms and smartphone technology in recent years, almost everyone is posting pictures to at least one social media channel. One thing that behavior has led to is an increasing amount of people are editing photos and images.

There are several free photo editing software options available online, and quite frankly, many of them are great.

But, how do you know which tool to use? Which one is right for you?

To help simplify your choice when considering which free online photo editor to use (Hello Instagram influencers!), we’ve rounded up some of our favorites. Here are, in no particular order, Stikky Media’s 5 Top Free Online Photo Editors for 2019:


BeFunky interfaceBeFunky.com is as visually appealing as it is easy to use. The online editing site is simple, clean, and organized, making it ideal for novice and intermediate users. Navigating through BeFunky’s tutorials, features, and tools is a clear process they’ve made easy to follow.

BeFunky also has graphic design features making it simple to turn images into digital copy masterpieces. Plus, we love the “add your own watermark” ability; a feature ideal when branding digital content.


Gimp interfaceGIMP.org is a powerful and free tool that can easily rival the ability of Photoshop. 

According to GIMP’s homepage, GIMP.org, “GIMP is a cross-platform image editor available for GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows and more operating systems.”

GIMP is not designed for beginners, it’s meant for use by industry professionals. The learning curve is steep, but many professionals that use GIMP professionally swear by it. Looking for tutorials for GIMP? Look here.

Bonus: it’s free to use and is an open-source technology, meaning, it will always be free.


iPiccy interfaceiPiccy.com made our list of the 5 best free online photo editors because of its ease of use, and it’s easy to learn. iPiccy has popular features that make photo editing fun to learn. 

Their tips are relevant to novice and intermediate users, making it quick to navigate and get the job done faster. Two of our fave tips from iPiccy.com are the “teeth whitener editor” and “color correction.”


At first glance at InPixio.com’s homepage, it may be hard to tell there is a free version of the online photo editor. But there is! 

To find access to the free version, scroll down to the bottom footer and look under the heading “Our Software.” About half-way through the list, you’ll see the words “free photo editor.” Go on, click there.

InPixio’s free photo editor is a solid platform with essential editing tools like cropping, filters & effects, and multiple customization options. 


Fotor interfaceFotor.com is a great mid-range photo editor that’s available to use for free. Easier to use than GIMP, but not as simple as some beginner options, Fotor is a great image editing tool. 

Comprehensive enough to meet the demands of many professionals, but without costly fees, Fotor is a great option for freelancers and graphic designers.

If the time comes when Fotor’s free tools aren’t meeting your needs, consider the option of signing up for FotorPro. There is a cost for a FotorPro subscription, but it may well be worth the small investment.

Use any of the above mentioned free online photo editors and make your social media posts stand out. Plus, once you’ve mastered the art of photo editing, you might notice you’re posts are getting a bit more attention!

For tips on how to publicly share that new attention with your audience, click here.

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Are You a Digital Hoarder?

Do you keep emails, files and text messages forever? Is your desktop littered with icons and shortcuts? Do you still have the first season of Lost?

The bad news: You may be a digital hoarder. The good news: You’re not alone.


Stikky’s Top Viral Videos of 2011

With the year coming to a close, it’s time to reflect on hopes, dreams, kittens and all you’ve accomplished during the past 12 months. Put down your work, close Facebook, turn off your iPhone and take a moment to truly appreciate the awesomeness that was 2011.

But leave your computer on, because that’s where the awesomeness is.


5 Online College Courses That Teach Life Lessons

Not only do online college courses help bring a person closer to earning one of the many available degrees, but some of them can teach important life lessons in the process. Here are some online college courses that offer more than just credits.


The Internet is Really a Collection of Underwater Tubes

Today I realized the internet actually comes from somewhere. That might sound silly, so think of it in Santa Claus terms. Until I was 9, I never put much thought into the concept of Santa Claus. He appeared when he was supposed to and did was he was supposed to. Then one day, I applied some logic to the Santa situation and realized my presents came from somewhere real.


How 7 Famous Tech Companies Got Their Weird Names

Ever wondered where some tech companies got their strange names? Well, wonder no more! This handy list will not only satisfy your curiosity, but also make you thankful for not having to send out a Twitch, Sky Peer to Peer your friends or find websites on David and Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web.


Your One-Stop Hurricane Irene Tracking Machine

As Hurricane Irene swirls towards the east coast, residents are snapping up bottled water, checking evacuation maps and hunkering down for the first hurricane to hit the United States since Ike slammed the Texas coast in 2008. This week’s earthquake is already old news, except for the weirdo in Brooklyn who got a “Survived the Quake” tattoo and now has a daily reminder of the high profile, yet low intensity, shaking.


How To Lose 17 Tons In One Season: My Orca Spirit Adventure

Having lived in Victoria for 10 years, I sometimes forget how beautiful this city really is. It’s not that I take it for granted, it’s just that it’s easy to get caught up in a daily routine that leaves little time for exploring beyond my local hangouts. And now that I live out in Langford, I only go downtown once a month if I’m lucky, and only when I need something specific, like coconut gelato or a decent haircut.


7 Best Places to Waste Time on the Web (Other Than Facebook)

It’s common knowledge that Facebook is the internet’s #1 time waster. Thanks to its unlimited opportunities for keeping (and creeping) in touch, the average user spends about seven hours a month on the site. That actually seems like a low estimate given the large number of people who insta-comment and became angry when you refuse to post photos of last night’s social gathering, but seven hours is still impressive.


While Lipdubs Reach New Heights of Awesomeness, Flash Mobs Wreak Havoc

In the past couple of years, the popularity of lipdubs has skyrocketed, especially with university students. Last fall, UVic created an epic lipdub video inspired by another UVic, located in Spain.

But UBC has taken lipdubs to a new level. Their 10 minute video has gone where no lipdub has gone before—underwater—and features a unicorn, scuba divers and the first successful Old Spice parody I’ve ever seen.


Baby Panda is Nothing to Sneeze At – When Viral Videos Actually Make You Think

Viral videos aren’t thought-provoking works of art. You play them, you chuckle, you pass them on. You also immediately forget about them, until someone forces you to watch 47 seconds of laughing babies and you suddenly remember a video that’s so much better.

But sometimes, you stumble upon something that makes you think, play it again and think some more. Case in point: Sneezing Baby Panda. This little gem recently surpassed 100 million hits on the internet, which is more than Rebecca Black. Nyah, nyah.


Stikky’s Favourite Viral Videos

Tons of people say they have the recipe for viral video success. All you have to do is go about your business, and when something surprisingly contrasting happens, videotape it.

If only viewers were that simple. The truth is, people are unpredictable weirdos who are difficult to please. Some people stockpile videos of laughing babies, while others prefer to watch wiener dogs running on treadmills (sorry Britt). What I find funny, you might not.


I Just Beat a Robot at Rock, Paper, Scissors. What Have You Done Today?

Are humans predictable if they know they’re being predicted?

That’s not something I think about every day, but the NY Times’ latest interactive feature does bring up this question.

They created a digital rock-paper-scissors game that uses artificial intelligence to conquer opponents. In a truly random game, each player should win, tie and lose one-third of the time. But because people aren’t random, they can be studied, analyzed and defeated.


Textese: Language Vandalism or a Gr8 Way 4 Ppl to Spk 2 Othr Ppl?

Can U Rd Ths? Yes, but I choose not to.

Textese, SMS speak, text speak—call it what you will, but each lazy abbreviation I come across makes my heart cry sad little tears. Abbreviations are tolerable in text messages because I’m very good at deleting and forgetting, but they’re impossible to avoid on the internet.


Remember that time when cheating was cool? Oh wait. It never was.

Remember that time when cheating was cool? Oh, wait. It never was.

We recently stumbled across a competitor whose website is using our original content. And not just a few a few words here and there. We’re talking entire blocks of text and bulleted lists.

Our content (and other non-original content–that’s all I’m saying about that) is placed throughout her website. But my favourite part is how she posted some social media statistics and accredited them to USA Today. Why give credit for one copy-and-paste job, but not the others?


Stikky Media and the VIATeC Launch

Stikky Media was out with our sister company, northStudio, Thursday April 29 to celebrate the launch of the new VIATeC website which northStudio built. Another cause for celebration was the launch of the new northStudio site, which also went live the same day. All in all, the event went off without a hitch and we had the opportunity to meet several fantastic people in our local tech community.


Top 10 Movies Coming Soon to Theatres

This list of the Top 10 Movies Coming Soon to Theatres consists of movies that will hit theatres around the world between now and the end of 2009. Agree or disagree with this list of Top 10 Movies Coming Soon to Theatres? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.


Gus at the Kool FM BBQ

The Q College hosted a Hawaiian themed BBQ on Saturday September 19th with Kool FM broadcasting live. As we have stated and is clear from our branding, Stikky Media is a big fan of our canine friends. I brought my Australian Shepherd puppy Gus out to the BBQ and he stole the show!


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