Why Facebook no longer resonates with GenZ (and what does)

GenZ Marketing Tips

Want to learn how to market to the movers and shakers, the trend setter – the elusive 20 something year old? Who better to tell you than Ethan Dennett –  the 20 year old member of the Stikky Media team. Read on for GenZ marketing tips and considerations for reaching this unique audience – in Ethan’s own words.

The modern advertisement industry started in conjunction with the development of modern psychology. The idea that the average person could be suggestible enough to buy a coca-cola was groundbreaking to advertisers.


The History of Reddit

Reddit is a social news site that allows registered users (called redditors) to create accounts and post content. There are two types of content that users can post: a link to an external website or a text “self” post. Each post is open to the rest of the Reddit community to vote “up” or “down” and post comments. The popularity of a post determines its position on the front page. Users gain “karma” points for the number of “upvotes” their posts or comments receive from the community.

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