Why Instagram for Nonprofits?

More than the images that it is so well known for, Instagram makes imagery engaging, evoking primal emotions – such as humor, concern, awe, or intrigue.

Instagram is another platform with which to work with nonprofits. With most users being of a younger demographic, Instagram will very likely reach many subscribers and members that other forms of social media. currently does not reach. More than 500 million people have an Instagram account and 59 percent of online adults ages 18-29 use the network. More than 300 million of them use it daily.

What makes Instagram different from social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter is the way people use it.


Why YouTube for Nonprofits?

One-and-a-half billion people come to YouTube every single month. That is the equivalent of one in every five people around the world. YouTube will enable your nonprofit organization to reach members of this large and passionate audience the world over. YouTube’s built-in tools will help improve your video’s performance and subsequently allow you to connect with even more viewers.

  • Engage the Next Generation: YouTube reaches more 18 to 49 year-olds than any cable network in the US, with YouTube’s fastest growing demographics being adults aged 35+ (40%) and 55+ (80%). YouTube is where today’s most influential audience goes to learn, laugh, and be inspired every day, with Millennials preferring YouTube over traditional television by a 2-1 ratio.
  • Create Deeper Engagement: YouTube is the place where the most video viewing occurs every day. On average, YouTube viewers spend over an hour a day watching YouTube on mobile devices, meaning that unlike passive viewership, viewers are much more likely to deeply engage with the message presented.
  • Spark Action Through Empathy: YouTube’s easy-to-follow explainer videos assist and encourage involvement and action.

YouTube Nonprofit Program Overview

The YouTube for Nonprofit Program gives nonprofits access to unique YouTube features to help connect with subscribers, members, and others who will be interested in your brand and message.

Take advantage of powerful tools like G Suite for Nonprofits (a cloud-based productivity suite that allows real time collaboration from anywhere in the world) or YouTube for Nonprofit Program (a suite of tools allowing for optimization of video content, dedicated technical support, and other features).

In addition, your organization will have access to:

  • YouTube Creator Academy lessons
  • “Link Anywhere” Cards
  • Earlier Access to YouTube Spaces
  • YouTube for Nonprofits tools
  • Your cause may be featured in Impact Lab
  • Dedicated email support

Why Google Grants for Your Nonprofit?

Google Grants can bring greater visibility to your organization, resulting in more subscriptions, more service involvement, and a wider awareness of your organization’s brand and message. This happens because Google Grants will display your organization’s ads at the top or bottom of the search results page when people search for terms that relate to your organization.

“…it has helped us reach thousands of supporters around the country, helping us effect change through awareness.” – Ping Lo, The Fred Hollows Foundation

Insights into Your Analytics

Google Grants gives you access to in-depth analytics tools. The more you know about how people are coming to and using your website, the better you can adjust your approach to connect with those people. Analytics will show you which pages are performing well and which are confusing.

Profound and Simple

Even if you are new to Google Grants it is easy to launch effective campaigns, with custom messages crafted specifically for your nonprofit organization. Google Grants offers a range of methods to create campaigns, from Google Grants Express that will automatically manage your ads for you, to a more traditional Adwords approach where you have total control.

Google Grants Success Story: Make a Difference (MAD)

The mission for Make a Difference (MAD) was to increase awareness of children in orphanages and street shelters. MAD was established in 2006, and has operations in 23 cities in India. The organization is based out of Bangalore, India and empowers children to discover their true strengths and unleash their full potential. MAD provides creative learning spaces for these children and works to improve the quality of their education and career opportunities.

To reach their goals, MAD used Google Grants to recruit passionate volunteers that can make a one-year commitment to the organization, raise awareness, drive online donations, and identify and prioritize locations for international expansion.

Google Grants had a tremendous impact on MAD’s growth. Data showed which cities and countries had the highest interest in MAD, and the organization used the data to identify where they should expand. In addition, it allowed them to build a network of volunteers that they would not have been able to reach through traditional methods. In the end, approximately 30% of their website traffic came from their new efforts.

Victoria Tall Ships Society 2012: An Afternoon with Mallory Todd

The Mallory Todd is no ordinary ship. Sure, the 65-foot schooner has all the intricacies of a ship—the masts, the sails, the delicious woodsy smell—but her unexpected touches tell you she is much more. There are books housed behind antique stained glass, a hand-cast porcelain fireplace that pays homage to the ship builder’s nephew, and all sorts of hidey-holes for food, flashlights and stories.


An Afternoon on the Adventuress – Victoria Tall Ships 2011

Last Friday, Simon and I had the chance to go for an afternoon sail on the Adventuress, a gaff-rigged schooner based out of Port Townsend, Washington. Along with teenagers from all over Vancouver Island, we spent 3 hours sailing near the harbour and participating in environmental activities, which were surprisingly amusing thanks to the awesome crew.


A Day Aboard the Hawaiian Chieftain, Part 2 – Victoria Tall Ships 2011

What defines a tall ship? One crew member explained it (in non-technical terms) as any ship where people climb up and down the mast. But for the Sea Cadets and Navy Leaguers on the Hawaiian Chieftain, tall ships meant rocking seas, gun battles and pirates.

Oh, and scurvy.

As I walked by two Navy Leaguers munching on the provided snack of apples and bananas, I overheard one of them say, “This is so we won’t get scurvy.”


Stikky Media Hops On Board With The Victoria Tall Ships Society

As you’ve probably heard, the Victoria Tall Ships Festival has been postponed for this year due to a lack of funding. But 5 visiting tall ships will still be gracing the Inner Harbour this summer! There are no public engagements planned, but the ships will be participating in the 2011 Summer Educational Outreach Programme, which will give youths amazing opportunities to sail on tall ships.


Move Over, Tom Selleck. It’s Movember!

Mustaches are suspended from overpasses, stenciled on the sides of telephone poles and even painted on a military helicopter in Djibouti. And yes, they’re on faces too—97,484 faces and counting, and that only includes Canada.


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