Headz Case Study

Case Study: Learn How Headz Grew E-Commerce Revenue By 1250%

Headz Case Study - Stikky MediaHeadz.ca, operated by the Sanctuary of the Rastafarian Order, delivers  high quality mail order marijuana, referred to as sacrament, across Canada. With dedication to their customers and aspirations of significant growth in both brand awareness and  revenue, they are on a mission to become the largest and most  successful mail order medical marijuana company in Canada. With the help of the Stikky Media team, they’re well on the way to being exactly that.

However, the outlook wasn’t always as positive as it is today.

In the fall of 2017, Headz approached Stikky Media with a myriad of digital sales and marketing issues ranging from search engine optimization to low e-commerce revenue. After gaining a greater understanding of the challenges they faced, our team of digital marketing experts put together an action plan that helped them achieve astonishing results in under a year.

Summarizing Our Results

  • Consistent website traffic growth month over month with a low bounce rate
  • We significantly grew their search presence by creating over 100 geographic landing pages spanning Canada with average CTRs above 10%
  • We grew their affiliate marketing membership by 870%
  • We created a featured products newsletter with an open rate above 40% and click rate above 15%, both well above the industry average
  • Paid search ROI was significant with a 14:1 revenue to spend ratio on Bing
  • E-commerce revenue grew by 1250% in just 8 months

To learn more, please read the full case study.

United Alliance Services Case Study

United Alliance Services Case Study

Read UASC Case Study - Stikky MediaSince 2003, United Alliance Services Corporation (UASC) has offered occupational, health and safety consultation and training throughout the New England, Tri-state and  Mid-Atlantic regions. Through unitedallianceservices.com, UASC​ provides a wide range of workplace safety classes and training, safety audits and resources to assist clients with health and safety regulatory compliance.

However, in 2017, after a website redesign by a different company a serious website issue emerged. UASC experienced a precipitous drop in traffic. The problem was twofold: it created a poor user experience with hundreds of broken links and hurt UASC’s search engine rankings. This was a major concern because 90% of UASC’s business is driven through their website, making this drop devastating to their business.

Stikky Media stepped in and rapidly diagnosed and fixed the issue, restoring website traffic and putting the site back on track for sustainable growth.

Read the full United Alliance Services case study (PDF) to learn more about their significant digital marketing challenge and how we resolved it.