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Looking for some link building advice? The SEO Rapper gives us another video with some great link building tips. View more videos from The Poetic Prophet AKA The SEO Rapper on YouTube.
Paid Search Rap 101 from the Poetic Prophet AKA The SEO Rapper provides some useful Search Engine Marketing advice for paid search. View some more m0serious videos on YouTube.
The SEO Rapper is back with the Social Media Rap. The Poetic Prophet gives us a taste of his Social Media Marketing strategies. View more SEO Rapper videos on YouTube.
The SEO Rapper gives us a new beat with some great information about how to increase your Google PageRank. You can view the SEO Rappers YouTube channel or visit his the m0serious website for some more gold.
The Poetic Prophet (AKA The SEO Rapper) breaks down the design and coding aspects of Search Engine Optimization in a new way. It's funny, informative, and correct. The SEO Rapper has a few videos on youTube and you can visit his m0serious YouTube channel to view all of his videos.
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