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Good Friday everyone! I hope you had a great week and that a nice weekend is awaiting you. Here in Victoria, the weather has definitely been summery.  To finish your week on a reflective note (remember that article from last week about taking time to stop and reflect?) or in learning mode, here are my 5 favourite articles I read this week. This short read from Social Media today covers the basics of using traditional and digital PR to promote your business. Tried-and-true PR techniques...
Content this, content that, content here, content there: content is everywhere. I've made my argument elsewhere that it's an important part of your digital strategy, no matter your business size or type. And in order to reach your marketing and sales objectives, your content must be excellent. But I realized something lately: that lots of people don't really understand what excellent content means, or how to reach that level of quality. The web is clogged with sub-par, badly written,...
If you receive our newsletter, you may have noticed that I have a new title. Well, I still do write a lot of content (and you'll see more from me on all the DBI channels as the summer goes on), but now I also have the responsibility to conceive, plan and implement content strategies for all the DBI companies and our clients. Excited? You bet I am! I can already hear some questions: what's content strategy? What does it do? Why does it matter? If you've been bathing in the world of web content...
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