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We've talked a lot about fathers this week: we covered daddy bloggers, Father's Day campaigns and the father of modern marketing. But I also wanted to give this week a personal touch: it's our dads we're celebrating, after all. So went around in the office and on social media asking this question: What did your dad teach you about business? Cassandra Price, Q College's Director of Education, said: Take pride in what you do regardless of what it pays. It speaks volumes to who you are as a...
There are Father's Day campaigns of every style: funny, serious, thankful, touching. Although most of them are about getting Dad a gift, some of them go a bit further. 2014 has plenty of interesting Father's Day campaigns, so let's have a look at those we liked the best. 1. Father's Day Surprise--West Jet If you liked the tear-jerking Christmas Miracles campaign from WestJet, then you're in luck: the Canadian airline has outdone itself again with its Father's Day Surprise video: If you've...
It's Father's Week at Stikky Media! Since Father's Day is coming up this weekend, this week the Stikky Media blog is going to celebrate dads on the internet. For our first post of the week, we're going to (you guessed it) share with you some of our favourite daddy bloggers. Why do dads blog? Well, why does anybody? But it's interesting to see dad bloggers taking their space in the parenting blogosphere, which is generally skewed towards moms. Parenting is often the work of two, so the other...
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