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Find out how easy it is to put video to work for you.

Tell Your Story With Video

Professional video is the most effective way to engage your target audience. A recent study found that visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not.

Video is the ideal medium for telling your company story in a way that is fresh, modern and engaging. It's no surprise that search engines reward video content with better rankings and higher search result performance. Videos actually receive up to a 41% higher clickthrough rates.

We have partnered with North America's largest video production company, SoMedia Networks, to offer our clients access to professional video production services. From ordering to delivery, creating your very own professional video is easy, fast and fun! The finished result is a high-definition video that is professionally scripted, shot, and edited for you.

North American’s will watch over 40 billion YouTube videos this month alone. Isn’t it time you had video ready to share?

We make Video Production Easy & Cost-effective!


Choose the video style that’s right for you!

Company profile

Showcase a business, product or service in a personal way

  • Employees introduce company or product
  • Adds personality to the company
  • Genuine and unscripted
  • More personal than traditional ads

Customer testimonial

Establish credibility through customer endorsements

  • Real customers introduce company or service
  • Customers establish trust and credibility
  • Natural and unscripted
  • More believable than written testimonials

Scripted ad

Grab attention and persuade customers to take action

  • Professionally recorded narrator introduces company or product
  • Professionally written script
  • Great for broadcast
  • Best for camera-shy clients

News release

Spark media interest and generate buzz online

  • Commercial-style video that showcases company news and announcements
  • Includes scriptwriting, concept development and professional voice narration
  • Effective public relations tool
  • Great for social media outlets



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