Social Media Marketing

Social media is changing the way companies communicate. Brands are now in the hands of consumers.  Are you ready?

Social Media Strategy Experts

Many companies use social media marketing tactics but struggle to achieve their business and marketing goals. That’s because good social media marketing requires planning, time and resources. Stikky Media can help you produce measurable results by identifying key communication points and showing you how to engage successfully with customers and followers on social media.

Our social media marketing services include:

  • Social media strategy
  • Social media audits and competitive assessments
  • Persona development
  • Content marketing
  • Social media advertising and promotions
  • Brand reputation management
  • Blogging strategy
  • Social media training
  • Campaign analytics and control

Social Media Marketing Planning

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed by all the information out there. We’ll help you create a simple plan that will drive business results—without all the jargon. Our social media strategies will help you:

  • Set goals for ROI and performance
  • Develop a social listening and engagement strategy
  • Effectively manage your online brand and business reputation
  • Select the best networks for your goals
  • Create a practical day-to-day content plan for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn
  • Develop a flexible social media plan and useful company policies
  • Drive business growth and profit
  • Integrate social media with SEO

Because nobody knows your business like you do, we work to fully understand your customers, values and goals. We will help you communicate a consistent brand on all marketing levels. Your online presence will be a natural extension of your business with unlimited interactive potential. We’ll help you with market research, goal development, account setup and customization, engagement strategies and much more.

Social Media Set Up & Customization

The Social Media Set Up & Customization package is our base package. All other services we offer build on it. Using the two most common social media platforms for social media marketing, Facebook and Twitter, we will create, customize, tweak and provide basic training on how to use these tools effectively.

Social Media Account Management

Although we recommend that you manage your own social media accounts, we understand that this can be difficult and time-consuming for some organizations. Stikky Media can help you maintain your social media accounts and provide assistance as you develop the capabilities to manage your own social media presence.

The Digital Business Intelligence Advantage

Stikky Media is a part of the Digital Business Intelligence (DBI) group.  We’re a full-service digital solution with highly qualified practitioners in every area of digital business. Our companies include North Studio, Q College, and Stikky Media.  The DBI group of companies has provided industry-leading digital marketing, training and website services since 1999.

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