Your Friday Reading List: Search Engine Traffic Numbers, Email Marketing, Google Authorship

It's Friday again! Yay! And Canada Day is coming up next week, so I imagine that many of you have an extra-long weekend ahead. 

But an extra-long weekend is no reason to slack on our reading. As usual, I found 5 interesting pieces this week to keep you learning and investigating for just a bit more before you enjoy the official beginning of summertime.

First, it seems that there is a definite decline in search engine traffic, offset by an increase in traffic from social sources. While SEO and SEM are still excellent sources of traffic and good investments for your advertising dollars, you might want to balance that with an increase in your social media presence.

It's kind of obvious for anyone who does branding or visual design work, but this GetResponse post covers how your online ads and landing pages should be consistent.

Content marketing expert Heidi Cohen (love her stuff!) breaks down a recent "State of Blogging" survey with actionable tips. If you struggle with blogging, there's tons of good advice there.

More useful, actionable advice on email marketing from Constant Contact about the four types of emails that your email strategy should always include. This one's going on my favourites list!

Uh oh... Google Authorship is removing author picture and circle count from the search results page. If you've relied on Google Authorship for traffic in the past, be ready to change your strategy... again.

How was your week? Did you manage to get stuff done before the long weekend (if you have one?) 

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