Your Friday Reading List: Content marketing measurement, vacation time and independent blogging

It's been a short 4-day week here in Canada, but we still have some interesting content for you to read over the weekend.

First, we have this ebook from Contently about content marketing measurement. The most interesting insight? 90% of content marketers are not sure if they are measuring their efforts effectively. A short but enlightening read.

For something a little lighter (but still informative), we have this Econsultancy post about the best social media marketing campaigns of all time. Not sure I agree with all of them, but there's certainly something to learn from these examples.

Spin Sucks reflects on the current state of independent blogging. With all these big brand blogs and online magazines, is there space to grow and compete? An interesting argument.

This article from Fast Company reminds us all that vacation time is essential for a productive work life.

Our last reading for today is from the Hootsuite team (we love Hootsuite!). They've written a great intro guide to three sometimes baffling social networks: Pinterest, Tumblr and Foursquare.

Hope you have a great weekend. If you find something interesting on the web or want us to feature one of your pieces, you can tweet us @stikkymedia or you can email me directly. 

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