5 Online College Courses That Teach Life Lessons

Not only do online college courses help bring a person closer to earning one of the many available degrees, but some of them can teach important life lessons in the process. Here are some online college courses that offer more than just credits.

Street-fighting Mathematics

While learning fighting skills via the Internet may sound pretty silly and ridiculous, MIT's online college course on street-fighting mathematics may have more to offer than it seems at first glance. With this online college course, which is four weeks long and part of an 'independent activities period', the student will learn how to guesstimateor make estimations based on educated guesses. For example, a person may learn how to use split second judgment to dodge a punch. How much space is in between each combatant? How fast is the fist traveling? What is the best direction to dodge? There are some facts that, when learned, stick with the student foreverand this online college course may have a few in store.

Dealing Tactfully With Difficult People

Dealing tactfully with difficult people in an online college course for business majors. Although a successful business man or woman must be able to calmly, patiently and intelligently handle difficult people in the name of the holy dollar, dealing tactfully with difficult people is a valuable skill that anyone can apply, regardless of occupation. This online college course teaches the student that in life, difficult people aboundbut interacting them can actually be a positive (or lucrative) experience. This online college course focuses on recognizing and dealing with dysfunctional behavior and people, maintaining self esteem and a positive attitude while dealing with such people, and becoming aware of one's own reactions to difficult people and learning how to develop a better sense of self-control.

Proficiency in Writing

Writing is another skill useful to almost everyone. Creating important documents or even letters to family and friends can be easier, clearer and more effective if the writer possesses some basic writing skills. There are a plethora of writing subcategories, such as poems, essays, analytic writing, legal writing, research writing, creative writing, and more. There are even multiple free online college courses being offered at various colleges around the country. One of the most valuable courses with helpful tips on writing is proofreading your writing, which can come in handy when responding to a ticket, writing any kind of legal document, creating a will, making flyers for an event, or merely penning a letter to a friend.

Electrical Wiring

As the online college course page states, going 'green' and approaching projects with a DIY attitude is becoming increasingly popular. There's also the issue of money, which people seem to have less and less of these days. Who has a few hundred dollars lying around for when the television blows a capacitor and needs to be repaired? Once a person has basic knowledge of electrical wiring, replacing the capacitor becomes a lot easierand cheaper. A $200 repair becomes a $50 fix, and the money saved really adds up over the course of a year. Not only would people save a considerable amount of money merely by possessing some handy-man knowledge, but it would also enable that person to take on creative projects or help friends and family members for a few extra bucks when a problem arises.


There are also a number of free online college courses in the field of law and useful to more than just those training in criminal justice. One never knows when they may be in a sticky situation with the law. Neighborly disputes, family disputes, robberies, noise complaints, traffic stops… the amount of police involvement in our lives is amazing. It's important to be aware of the law and of your rights, because that knowledge may come in handy for yourself or a friend or family member… forever. Free online college courses in law include criminal law, constitutional law, law and society, privacy rights and the law, and social science regarding race, crime, and citizenship in American law.


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