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Stikky Media was developed with the idea of providing more than websites for our clients. Our services cater to clients who are interested in having their business thrive on the internet. Our employees are on the cutting edge of web marketing and enjoy the challenges of going above and beyond building a website. Our strategies give our clients the tools necessary to dominate their competition. Whether it be a small business looking to dominate the Google search results or a large corporation looking for a full web marketing campaign, Stikky Media can make it happen.

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Andy Bernhart Digital Strategist
Andy Bernhart - Digital Strategist

Andy is Stikky Media's Digital Marketing Director.  He is responsible for developing digital marketing strategies and proposals for clients, management of accounts, campaign development and implementation.  Andy helps clients integrate their business goals with their digital media.

Andy completed his MBA in 2010 with a focus on strategic online marketing.  He is passionate about helping people embrace the potential of their businesses with digital media.  In his off time he enjoys snorkeling in tropical places and the west coast of British Columbia.

Marcus Clayton Digital Strategist
Marcus Clayton - Digital Strategist

Marcus helps clients find the best ways to increase their digital presence. He understands the constantly changing digital landscape, but focuses on the new opportunities that are always arising. He acknowledges the importance of drawing and interpreting meaningful data from campaigns, promotions and projects.

Outside of the office, Marcus enjoys running around West Coast trails and skiing at Mount Washington.

Jordan Keats Digital Marketer
Jordan Keats - Digital Marketer

As Stikky Media's Digital Strategist, Jordan spends his days making our clients as interesting as possible on their social networks. He’s responsible for campaign development, management and analysis for clients of all levels and backgrounds, including the tourism, retail, entertainment, real estate and mortgage industries and public and non-profit sectors. Jordan helps clients make sense of social media by guiding them through branding, social media account development and overall communication, marketing and transmedia strategies.

Besides working at Stikky Media, Jordan is the Teaching Assistant for Digital Communication 330, part of the BA of Professional Communication at Royal Roads University. He also teaches Social Media and SEO at Q College, as well as WordPress and Social Media at the Western Academy of Photography. To counter sitting at a desk all day, he practices and teaches Tai Chi at the Victoria Chen Taiji Academy.


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